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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Marso, Jul 12, 2018.

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    Hi guys, I charge with this problem a few years ago and it's something that make me very sad. I'm 21 years old and i've become an premature ejaculator.

    I have been addicted to masturbation a long time ago and it is a problem that has me very bad.As you know, someone that masturbate every day becomes as premature ejaculator, and i can't be happy with all this.
    In the beginning I did not give much importance but was be a problem when I started having sex, did not last long in bed and had a very bad time, stress, anxiety, sadness and not wanting to have sex for long.
    I'm masturbated with porno, pictures etc all the time, almost 10 or 11 times for week and thats is the cause that now i'm an a premature ejaculator. In this year was i can control myself and now only fap almost 2 or 3 times for week that it's a progress but in the sex i can't.
    I think that masturbation left me sequels and for that reason I ejaculate quickly in sex.
    I would like to receive advice and be able to overcome this that has me very sad, thanks for reading and sorry for my bad english, i'm from Argentina haha greetings guys.
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    Take it a day at a time. Try doing kegel exercises, I heard that helps. There are several versions of this you can do and it works the pelvic region a lot. Google it if you are unsure what it is.

    Advice for myself really. What I have found. Is Porn is just the surface of it. Once some weeks have gone by without it, the real monster to crave is masturbating. That's where all the problems (for me personally) stem from and is the route straight back to all the pornographic crap.
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  3. Don't set yourself under pressure. Relax. Sex is not a competition, it's about making love.
    Not you are the problem, you've got a problem. That can be solved.

    What about your girlfriend? Does she expect you to last long, or is she longing for a loving man?

    I think as soon as you don't anticipate a failure, you'll get cured from premature ejaculations.
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