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Discussion in 'Compulsive Sexual Behavior' started by I Hate PMO, Jun 28, 2022.

  1. I Hate PMO

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    Or however you may call it.

    I crave the "real thing", and the next best thing I can do is to go on Reddit, browse some fetish subreddits and write sexual comments under sexual posts.

    Then they answer "Oh thank you " and such shit, but it's frustrating me.

    I know there are only there to sell themselves and advertise their Only Fans, but God what would I do to just meet a horny woman out there on Reddit who would give me some jerk off instructions for example

    I'm just a desperate idiot who wants the biggest orgasm possible, one which would knock me off literally
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  2. Aquiantedwithsorrow

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    But it's never enough and it never truly satisfies or leads to true contentment.
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  3. Meshuga

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    You’re not going to get satisfaction from them unless you pay them money.
    If you pay them money, it won’t satisfy because you’ll know they are pretending just for your money.
    If you happen to find a horny woman to give you JOI, it’ll only quiet the demon for a little while. You won’t get satisfaction because O is a poor, short term substitute for what you really want.
    I don’t know what you really want. I don’t even know what I want, that O is substituting for, and I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. But until you find out what that deep want or need is, and find a way to meet it, you’re going to keep craving that band-aid of O.

    My guy @Aquaintedwithsorrow is correct. You think it’s JOI you want, but if you learn how to reliably get that you’re going to realize it’s not enough, and it’ll probably escalate into some deeper fetish. Stop the process. Figure your mind out. Find that true need.
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  4. SuperBaowi

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    Totally relate to that lol.
    I'm in a similar situation with my addiction right now and I think we're all about the connection during sexual act, that's why we look to talk to "real people" instead hitting P.
    At what state do you think your journy is at? what's your motives? what is that is missing?
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  5. I don't mean to brake it to you dude but it's all bullshit for those types. They are there for fame and comfort over fake life forum posts, they want you're praise and nothing else, unless they actually want to meet you which is a million in 1, if they care enough for you to be their sugar daddies. We have to build our character's to stand out against them and our demons for falling into there traps. It's the worst trap to get seduce by a Woman you have never met before, especially for googly eying them for their market. I've realized it's a waste of time especially when they are crowded by other men and females who worship them like they mean something.
  6. This is why I don't go onto Reddit anymore.
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  7. I Hate PMO

    I Hate PMO Fapstronaut

    Alright, I deleted my sexting account a while back now. Basically I kept commenting all the time, until (finally?) someone wrote me a PM on reddit. It just read like "Hi", but when I checked out their account, it became clear that it was a reddit account belonging to a "horny woman on her sexual adventure", something like that according to her bio. She was active in various FemDom subreddits, like "Mistress looking for slave" shit, and she actually didn't seem to have any kind of OF account whatsoever. It legitimately seemed that she is just for fun here on reddit looking "for loser subs", because like 100% of all the female reddit sex accounts are linked to some kind of OF or something similar. But she wasn't.

    So my heart was racing, I didn't know if I should write her back, or ignore her. I choose to ignore her, delete everything and deactivate my account. Because I simply didn't know what she would be up to. I keep thinking what if I would've accepted her invite to chat.

    I know that I did the right thing, but I'm just so longing for any kind of sexual interaction with a woman

    Today, I also had a dream of the "demons of my past"

    I dreamed that I was standing in a queue at a supermarket, and behind me there stood a young woman I saw numerous times on the sexual subreddits, a Goth girl who shows off her (nylon) feet. In the dream, she teased me with her black nylon legs saying that all I'm looking for is inside her shoes (her nylon feet), and then she pressed them right into my nose. There was also some dirt talk involved, basically making me feel like being her sub.

    I've been clean for some days, and wouldn't like to relapse, but I'm getting more than frustrated.

    I just feel that PMO and anything sexual related is a short-term medication for my depression, it distracts me from the harsh and boring reality, and puts me into a fantasy world, where I don't have to take any other obligations except to enjoy myself and to "worship my Mistresses" you could say. It is basically the only thing in life bringing me any kind of comfort.

    So I don't know how I should be dealing with that. The best thing about PMO and sex is not the ejaculation, or the edging, but the distraction from reality. It's like playing video games, you're also distracting yourself from reality, it doesn't matter if you win something in that game, what's more important is that you forget reality for a moment. The same goes for a good movie for example.

    Reality is just a f*cking b*tch, especially if it gives you way too much time to think about anything and go crazy. I'd love to be someone who rarely "thinks" but actually does something. Like a "typical physical worker" who works 12 hours a day on a construction side. Their life is the best, because even if they finished work, they are too physically tired to think about shit, and enjoy a sandwich and some stupid TV show more than I would do without the 12 hour work.

    I'm not talking here about being intelligent and dumb, absolutely not. I'm talking about "being caged inside your own brain" vs. "not even having the time to think about shit". It doesn't have to be physical work. Elon Musk also "rarely thinks" because he's busy with his business.

    Maybe that's my destiny, to try to be some sort of a workaholic. Because without it, I think, and when I think, I get depressed, and when I get depressed, I start using PMO and end up feeling like shit from a toilet paper.
  8. smh_fam

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    Finding a sexting partner is a lot like pumping away at a slot machine all day.

    95% of them say no. Of those that say yes, maybe 20% are actually good at sexting. Of those that are good at sexting, only 3% are into your fetish.

    Sometimes you hit the jackpot but you probably end up wasting a massive amount of time and energy to get there. Plus that jackpot will probably get bored with you and randomly block you one day. Or you'll get bored of them. Either way, it's all pointless in the end.
  9. I Hate PMO

    I Hate PMO Fapstronaut

    I think I might've actually "hit the jackpot" with that person who wrote me "hi" on reddit, which lead to the deactivation of my account. But you're right, maybe she would've requested dick picks or something, I would've said no, and she would've blocked me. Because as I said, that person did not had any OF, cashapp, Kik, whatever linked to their reddit account. So she really was just for fun on reddit looking for some loser subs to have fun with. That's what it seems to be.

    I probably wouldn't even think about sexting and wanting to feel a woman's body if I were content with my life. Which I am not, because I'm overthinking anything. Life purposes. Meaning of life. God. Soul. How to self-improve? What should I do right now? How should i prepare for my future? My brain is overheating and I physically can feel it.

    If I really were not to think about life at all, and just work till I'm tired, eat, sleep, I wouldn't even think about those things, but rather think "Ummm this sandwich tastes so good after a hard working day".

    The ability to think is a curse if you think too much. And then what you want is to abandon your whole life and dedicate yourself to PMO, by either becoming a sub, sissy, or whatever. PMO acts basically like a drug. You want to calm down and shut down thinking, you take weed, then heroin, then you die. You want to calm down and shut down thinking, you watch porn, become a sissy, become a Mistress' sub, and die (sexual accident?)

    My brain is my enemy.
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  10. I was also addicted to it. I used to do it in telegram. But I deactivated the telegram account using all the numbers available at our home. I did the deactivation process twice. Telegram is not allowing me to create account again in any of the numbers at our home. There is a 15 days limit to create an account. I am not using reddit or discord because both of them are heavy apps and will cost me a lot of data. I feel bored to use reddit or discord in pc because my pc is slow.

    Sexting in a porn video website was traumatic. I stopped using sexting.
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