Addiction became physically dangerous

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Zyklone, Dec 9, 2019.

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    I made another thread a few min ago. Sorry if I'm breaking any rules.

    My addiction of 15+ years has manifested as unconscious physical activity. What started out as solo PMO and seemingly harmless teenage activity. Has now become a home wrecking danger to my children. My wife has told me of my unconscious actions and that she feels my 3 children are not safe sharing a bed with me, their father.
    I feel so defeated after trying to stop dozens of times and breaking countless promise. I need help and NoFap will be my homepage and source of encouragement. Any positive words y'all have will help.and anyone who could give advice or even be an accountability Partner would help me.
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    I forgot to mention my new sex headaches. This happened about a week ago and can be debilitating for up to 24hrs.
    An intense pain in my neck at the very top in my skull. Getting excited and approaching climax the pain emerges and grows. I push through the pain to O then can hardly open my eyes or move. This happens with M and S with my wife. Iv physically had to take a break from PMO. Although, like a true addict I found a work around. :(
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    Welcome to Nofap, sorry for what you are going through, everything can be fixed for sure!
    You should create some positive healthy routine that keeps you busy with your family and work away from PMO. Also determine the moments which make you relapse and put strategies to avoid them. Read rebooting materials which will replace the bad fantasies with good materials in the brain.

    Make a personal journal here or private to track your progress. Start slowly and don't be discouraged, things will be better as you keep moving.

    One thing, while abstaining from PMO, some people have reported that they become more angry, so work on controlling yourself. Best of luck!
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    U may have strain a nerve or something. Be careful as you may induce irreversible damage to your body.

    Please think for your 3 children. Hooe i get better.

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