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    So, here is my story, if you want to read it, here i explain my experience:
    So yeah, for almost one year, one year without 2 days to be more exactly, i abstained from PMO. Being still a virgin and being embarassed to try to have sex with someone known ( because i had the fear that i will not perform well and she will find out that im a virgin) , i tried after 11 months of NO PMO to go to a hooker and guess what, I couldn't get any single erection ( i explained all of it in the thread). After one year I still faced massive social anxiety ( worse than ever in my life actually) , social akwardness at the highest level, and I was very insecure. I couldn t find a talking subject even with girl that i knew . I also experienced insomnia ( i dont know exactly if the NO PMO was the cause of it, but INSOMNIA dissapeared after starting again intense fapping, not immediately, but after some masturbation sessions) and also experienced weakness, being very tired and lazy all day. Maybe this was a hard flatline , who knows, maybe i needed more time to recover. I m not sure the lack of energy and insomnia were related to NO PMO, because i was also going to gym from february this year ( 2019 )and the insomnia started since i started going to gym. In my first 5 months of NO PMO , i hadn t insomnia or lack of energy, they started shortly after starting gym. I also did in august some medical tests, and the doctor said that my cholesterol level was under the limit and he asked me if i do any kind of sport, and i said yes, that i go to gym, and he recommended me to eat more. The fact is that at the end of August i took a break from gym, and not immediately ( i still experienced insomnia some weeks after starting the break ) but till the end of August , the beginning of September ( i must mention that i relapsed on 5 september) my insomnia dissapeared, so maybe the NO PMO wasnt related to it, I cant say for sure, but the thing with the anxiety and social akwardness is a sure thing. After starting again to fap ( 3 months ;from 5 september 2019 till 15 december 2019) my anxiety significantly lowered. So it got me really depressed the fact that I relapsed after 1 fucking year, and that in this year i hadn t have real sex with a real girl ( this was my main objective , to get rid of my virginity, i also talk about it in the thread). So what do you think of this, do you think i needed more time to cure my ED and be able to have sex with a girl? do you think that the try to have sex with the hooker was a failure because of some sort of social anxiety ( I mean i didnt even kissed her, no interlude, i couldnt get hard at all, but when i kissed with a normal girl in this one year of NO PMO, i got hard, i explain all of it in the thread)? What should i do from now on, of course free of the NO PMO, that i intent to go with it further than one year now ( maybe my entire life if i could, but i know this is possible only when i substitute it with real sex with a girl)? Should i consult a doctor? Should I try to have sex now, after 3 months of intense fapping or should i wait again at least 3 months? If i wasnt clear on something and you need more info besides the thread where i talk more about my problem , feel free to ask me.
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    No, sex with the lady of the night isn't a mistake. Don't be ashamed of that. I know virginity is a pain in the ass. I lost it with a prostitute and at that time I had PIED problem (I didn't even know). Abstinence from PMO improved the condition, my E was more reliable. I think it's better to have fun with a call girl than with your hand. Try 90 days challenge again and then you should do a test with a girl --> with girl you know (better) or the girl you pay her.

    If the result will be the same, then PM isn't reason for your ED. That's just my opinion.
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    This is so wrong.. 90 days isn't enough to cure PIED for many people and it's not a magic number. Check Rebootnation's Gabe deem. It took him over 9 months to cure. There are so many other examples out there of people who cured pied after a few months - 2 years. It is very individual..
    90 days is just a number in order to prove yourself you can do a successful reboot.
    I Do agree with you that it's better to do it with a real girl. The best way to recover from PIED is to rewire with a partner, It's a process, You're dick will probably fail you at first, but in time your brain will get use to it and erections will improve. It is also known and even said in that virgins or people who don't have any partner are having hard time to cure PIED and it'll take way longer compared to people who have casual sex. Also I'd say avoid prostitutes cause it might strengthen your anxieties and shame.
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    Why don't u consult with andrologist or urologist? They are the expert.

    Even my andrologist laughing at me when i ask is it really true 6 months to 2 years to recover damage from PMO?

    He said even faster than that, and i trust his word. My life has changed since stopping PMO. He said don't M just fight the urge
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    Believe me, if i will go in my country to a urologist, he will probably say that i am crazy and the erection problem is related to my anxiety, it has nothing to do with NO PMO. If i would tell him that i stayed one entire year without PMO, he will probably say that i couldn t get hard because of the stress, and he will probably send me to a psychologist

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