After what time sexual cravings pass away after stopping

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  1. tomi0001

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    After what time sexual cravings pass away after stopping masturbation and pornograffi and how to deal with it. I have heard that the psyche is straightened after 90 days from the last time, but sexual hungers when they pass?
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  2. ImpureHuman

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    The physical process related to neural pathways and biochemical process come to normal after 90 days.
    The craving will pass when you let go. Because thoughts become action.
  3. Hank Pym

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    They decrease after two weeks, becomes habit after one month. But you need to be serious... No lustful thaughts in this period!
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  4. TheCrazyThingIs

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    I've found it's best for me if I don't focus on wondering questions like this, just let it pass and look for other things to spend your energy on.

    I think it's pretty unreasonable to ask most people to not think any lustful thoughts. Accept that you have lustful thoughts, and then move on with your life. They are natural, and are going to happen anyway.

    The path to avoidance always leads to confrontation eventually.

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