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    Hi guys,
    I've been doing hard mode since May 7th of 2015. I feel so lonely sometimes and I don't know what to do anymore :(. I work at a cinema so I do meet people there but it's exhausting to work there and the people aren't really nice to me. I barely go to school because this is my last year before graduation from high school.
    Any tips?
    Thank you in advance and have an amazing day,
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  2. Go to school. You go to high school where I'm assuming there are girls all over the place. If you dont have many classes, you can talk to girls all day long.
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    The thing is that I don't like the people at my school... I do have some friends(I have female friends as well) but it doesn't make feel less lonely
  4. -Friends have friends so you can try meeting people through you social circle.
    -If your city is large enough, hit up sporting events at other high school. Youll have access to girls you dont know and you may make some new friends.

    Sometimes people are lonely because even though they have aquaintences but no true friends. Being alone, becoming more comfortable and developing your self is a great thing sometimes. Im not sure what your situation is but you should try to embrace both. Do what you have to do and dont worry. When you have free time, make sure you get out and expose yourself to people.
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  5. You've done SO well on NoFap man. Rest assured that three years in a massive achievement and life will open up for you.
    When I struggled to meet people in a new town, I actually started dancing as a hobby and it was a good way to meet guys and gals who were all really nice, and get socailsing
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    500+ days? gosh. Well, most people here think that NoFap will solve all their problems, but that's no true. Ok, I think that you have such a cool busy life, but you need to work on the social side. I have some friends in the same situation and I think that they are can't go out from their comfort zone, I try to push them, but that's so difficult xD
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    You have to enjoy the journey wherever you are. Work, school etc. Enjoying wherever stage you are in life results in you having a better outlook in life because you are focusing the positives. Whatever you focus on, it will grow. So if you focus on the problems of life, a hill will look like a mountain. And vice versa.
    I also believe in the 101% principle. That even if you don't like a person or a job, find that 1% that you like about that person or job and give 100% of your energy into it. That and itself will change your life.
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  8. I support the view that you have to try and push yourself to go out of your comfort zone to meet the right people who you can potentially form a deep relationship with.

    TBH I have a very few close friends, but this dosnt bother me, as I have a partner who gives all the closeness I need.

    When I was single though I knew that someone wasn't going to just come along unless I tried to find them. In the end I actually met my partner through work, but I had several previous Partners met through bars, social events, etc. Wherever you meet someone though, it isn't just random chance... You have to think that you are dealing with probability, you are engineering the chance. The probability of meeting someone in your bedroom is virtually zero.

    If you are still a teenager you have a lot of life ahead of you, so do your studies as well as you can and remember there are a lot of others out there just the same as you. This is the worst thing about lonliness... You think it is just you, but it isn't.
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    NoFap solves PIED that much I know.

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