Anyone else here due to former crush problems?

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by ifindoubt, Jul 31, 2019.

  1. ifindoubt

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    My PMO urges before my crush was normal, it was controllable, heck, I lasted about half a year without PMO.

    Now it is out of control, I am over her(mostly, she still pops up in my mind, but very rare)
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  2. BiaForce

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    Brethren no disrespect but the primary reason that you should be on here is for self-improvement not for anyone else but yourself. Good luck on your journey.
  3. yeah except she doesn’t know i exist... and she’s a celebrity.
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  4. Infrasapiens

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    Yes. I pushed away the only person that has actually fallen in love with me so I joined this place to suppress all my sexual instincts as I am not using them for the time being. It is going good I suppose.
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    Not sure if I can relate. Whenever I find a girl I like I often use that as motivation to stay off PMO. When no girl is around I find it a lot harder. With that said I ruined some good chances in the past because of PMO. I have a crush right now actually. I haven't seen her in almost a month so it is hard to stay clean when she is so far away. I am getting the fuck out of this hospital at 13th of January and I intend on making her my girl friend when I am back to real life.
  6. FellatiousD

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    I don't think about women that I don't plan on asking out. And I don't fantasize about women who I'm not in a relationship with. It's saved me a lot of stress.

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