Anyone here tried ED medications?

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  1. NikNakZombieWhack

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    I'm considering a temporary tadalafil prescription, but have also done a small amount of research on the corner store stuff; ie, horny goat weed junk. I've seen very mixed reviews, ranging from positive and no problems at all, to severe enough hypotension to nearly need a hospital visit(even this one resulted in very strong and lasting erections though).

    I'm only really asking because I had a bad night pair of nights. Twice in a row now where I've been unable to get up. I'm ashamed and embarrassed, and my girlfriend feels unattractive and like it's her fault, even though I've tried to assure her that it's not her fault at all. This is not okay. So I need to do something about this.
  2. MarinoBigFan1984

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    The blue pill does nothing for me
  3. mjones050505

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    Blue pill worked for me for a while, but became hit or miss after using them for about a year. Very frustrating. I am hoping noPMO will let me get off of them for good.
  4. Klici

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    I have great results with magic meds (V and C)
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  5. scjguy

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    They don't seem to work well with me. Erections never reach 100%; 80% maximum, and I must be really into the person.
  6. ruggerdoug

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    I'm on testosterone treatments. Along with the porn addiction I have very low T. And I suffer from performance anxiety. Such a wonderful mess! Anyway ....

    My doctor prescribed tadalafil with testosterone to be "taken as needed". Used 2 of the pills. Two different women.

    First, I got hard enough to have penetrative sex. We had discussed before hand not going there. Both changed our mind in the middle of it all but no condom, no penetration. Such a lost opportunity! Would have been first time in nearly 3 years. I had not had anything to drink. It was a very intimate setting. We were both very much into each other. I think there was something mentally to the want to but can't because of the condom. Have zero confidence that I would have performed with condom. I also had told her about my PIED beforehand. Funny, my best performance was the one I admitted to the girl beforehand I wouldn't be able to perform! I was extremely relaxed and comfortable.

    Second, first date that ended up in bed in part because of the confidence from the first time. But I had had a couple drinks and wasn't in to her as much. The pill had an effect but nothing like the first time.

    I've been fucking around with mini-streaks but I've really not yet rebooted.

    I think that after a reboot/rewire that the pills will come in handy.

    Keys to me:

    1. Don't drink.
    2. Be into the one you are with.
    3. Reboot/rewire then pills. I don't think pills to cover PIED while you still PMO makes sense.

    I'm going into a 90 day hard mode. I believe that when I get to the other side -- I've done this before -- I'll be better able to perform. And the pills will be there to help with the confidence factor.
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  7. Environmental Specialist

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    I did take the weekend pill. It allowed me to be hard for 2 days straight and almost half of the third day. But, it felt fake. I would get hard with even the slightest of stimulation or thought. I still have the pills but don't intend to use them again.
  8. userSCP

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    Keep them. I've used them to help get an erection while I'm enjoying a party drug ( E or C), or sometimes drinking whiskey gives me (non-porn induced) ED.

    Now that I think about it, some of the best sex I ever had was on E, while I was a teenager. My cousin gave me sildenafil before I went on the date just in case of ED, and I ended up needing it. Forever grateful to him for that foresight.
  9. Varg

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    I tried and sex was amazing, feel like erection was 110 %. It can help with ED in early stage, later you can decrease dose and as last step try without.

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