Are you a living room person or a bedroom person?

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    I have to say I am a massive bedroom person. I actually have a nice living room yet I basically never sit in it. The only time I would really sit in it is if I had guests.

    I much prefer lying in my bed on my laptop.

    I guess I was kind of thinking is this quite strange? I have a nice living room I could sit in, yet I spend the majority of my time when I am home lying in my bed on my laptop. As I said the strange thing is I actually prefer this.

    But something else I was thinking is this isn't really the best set up for trying to avoid PMO. Spending a lot of time lying in bed on a laptop, and you could easily start peaking and looking at porn and artificial sexual stimulation etc. Thankfully though I have a really good blocking system on my laptop and I actually got rid of my smart phone. But I was thinking if I could easily access porn and artificial sexual stimulation I would probably relapse constantly.

    I guess another thing I was kind of thinking is it's not really good having that smartphone or laptop in your bedroom. As your lying in your bed on a smartphone or laptop and you have complete privacy. The urge to peak at stuff is going to be there, and we all know where peaking leads. Or you could randomly see something that triggers you. Or you could simply be bored or curious and start looking, or maybe your just horny and start looking.

    Like imagine you shared a bedroom with somebody, or you got rid of your smartphone and only had access to a computer where other people in your home regularly were? How much would simple things like this actually stop and prevent you from PMOing? How much less would you actually PMO if you lived with other people and had set ups like this in your home?

    Being in bed, alone, on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, you can access anything you want. I guess I just think this is a disaster waiting to happen.
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  2. My solution is to leave my door open at night. I live with family so PMO is not an option with an open door. It works! Also, I used to fall asleep watching youtube or shows on my laptop, but that often led to PMO in the past, so I stopped using my laptop at night. Instead I listen to podcasts or music.

    I think living rooms are useless unless you have a wife and kids. Or friends. I don't belong in those categories.
  3. I have my own house and live alone.

    For me the place I spend the most in my house is the dining room table. I read, write, watch videos, and of course eat.

    It’s a bit symbolic too. When I was deep into addiction it was the bedroom where I spent most of my time.

    When I started working on breaking free I would spend lots more time at the dining room table reading literature about getting clean, watching videos about getting clean, and started journaling about getting clean.

    I talk/text on the phone to friend while sitting there, email friends, and make my schedule to get together with friends.

    I’m only in my living room to exercise. I don’t have a TV at all. Also I have my bicycles stored in the living room so they also take up lots of space.

    (Having my house all to myself is great!)
  4. They’re great areas for storage and making into the exercise room when single and live alone.
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    we don't have a proper bedroom or living room, let's say the room where i sleep, share it with my lil sis and cousins, and there is also tv there and only a tiny bench so i'm a bed.person, but even though so, i manage watching p on my phone with earphones, and the kids are sitting on the bench in front of the bed watching tv, i even managed worse, watching p with family around like when they are sleeping lying next to me (as right now, we are many and have to share beds too) so i can't imagine being alone with data,
    i never watched p on a pc, don't have one, and it's good like that
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