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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by travelling fapstronaut, Dec 16, 2015.

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    hi guys, I was a regular member on here around 6 months ago under a different name but can't remember my password so created a new account. Just finished reading my old AP's 90 day success story, which has absolutely made my day, I knew you would do it! Congrats. Anyway, long story short, I left the site as I was leaving home to go travelling and assumed that as I would be staying in hostels, with the lack of privacy that goes with the lifestyle, that my reboot was pretty much guaranteed. Wrong. I think I got complacent and as soon as I ended up in an empty dorm room urges hit after 56 days hard mode and I regrettably relapsed. So here I am, once again a member of this fantastic community to share my experiences and hopefully help a few others through their journey to living a happier, more fulfilling porn free life.

    Currently on day 41 hard mode, except more determined and more knowledgable of my triggers than ever. Let's do this
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    That's awesome man. I can't wait to celebrate your victory on day 90 and mine as well! :)
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    Thats nice

    If you dont mind will you share your experience of travel means where did go?what were thing you see, eat, enjoyed in journey

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