best hair products for men?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Jack York, Mar 31, 2018.

  1. Jack York

    Jack York Fapstronaut

    hey everyone!

    i'm thinking of changing my hair into something a bit more modern. i'm from the UK, and I was just wondering what are the best (cheap) products available to hold my hair in place.

    I have really thick hair, so whatever I seem to use it always falls by the afternoon.
  2. Gotham Outlaw

    Gotham Outlaw Fapstronaut

    I have thick hair too. When I got my haircut the stylist used some Moroccan oil moulding cream. It worked pretty well for me. I've also tried the textureizing clay and I like that too.
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  3. ClaudeDuval

    ClaudeDuval Fapstronaut

    I use coconut oil in the jar... if I don't use that I use tres flores pomade
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  4. AlphaReborn

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    Ever heard of Pete and Pedro's? It's costly Af but better than 99% of hair products out there. I
  5. coconut oil makes my hair greasy

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