Blockages, tensions around face area.

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    Since I'm on the nofap no PMO yourney I've become very aware of my body. For some time now I feel this tension/blockage going from the top of my eyebrow through my face neck, all the way down to my left foot. Sometimes when I really relax or go through some emotional pain I feel a certain feeling of letting go. Like it washes away from my body and bit by bit this tension/blockage gets less

    Can anybody relate to this?
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    Hey man,

    Upon regaining some sensitivity to my body, I too became aware of sort of ‘energy blocks’ in my right temple and over my ear.

    I have felt release of energy before, like surges through the body that have opened up chakras that were blocked. I feel that the blockage has returned but if I can work through those issues I can experience the unblocking of that free flowing energy once more. It was like I was connected to myself again.

    Just keep doing what you doing naturally and be rebalanced once again. The body and mind are always trying to reach equilibrium. It’s a natural state of being.

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