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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Recovertry, Jun 25, 2020.

  1. Recovertry

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    Hello guys
    I'm porn addict since 4 or 5 years and i heard about noFap community from youtube so i'm asking for advice for these problems :
    1- i'm not completely sure if it just a brain fog, But my brain is not clear, can't think normally, memory is bad its like my brain doesnt works basically so i did a lot of things include going to a doctor, Magnetic resonance rays for brain, Anemia rate is 15.4 so everything seems to be good (although i have all brain fog marks, my mind isn't balanced, very foggy with headaches every 1 or 2 days and suffering from that for years) is that can relate to porn addiction?
    If not does anyone has a general idea about what can that be?
    2- I have a big lack of motivation for everything with depression which makes me waste my days on nothing i doubt that happen because of the damage of dopamine by porn addiction am i true?
    I have started recovering road today.
  2. Ezpz

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    all of this can absolutely be caused by a Porn addiction and has been so in my case.

    I would highly recommend you checking out for more information. It can be a good start.
  3. Porn is definitely a factor, but it can also be other poor lifestyle choices like eating bad food, smoking or drinking too much, not getting enough sleep, stress. Your brain has a concoction of chemicals running around all day long and this can be put off balance quite easily. But to answer your question more definitely, yes porn is one of the more destructive habits for your mental health. But don't take my word for it, you must discover this truth for yourself.

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    do you have headache and swellings on sides of the head?
  5. Recovertry

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    Headaches with pain on both sides of my head, tiredness , foggy thinking and memory and feeling of unbalanced all the time
    I eat healthy home made food, no smoking, sleep at 10pm and wakes up 7 am usually everyday, i dont drink so you can say there is not a clear problem to affect my brain except porn
    Thanks for reply i know that site will check it
    Did you end that problem?
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    I've had the same problem watch this video from Gary Wilson
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  7. Awesome video I swear PMO has similar effect to drugs sometimes
  8. fasibor

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    Thanks for sharing

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