Breathing techniques to reduce urges

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    (Aaaaaaand again, this post was removed from the nofap subreddit, the 5th time a text of me gets removed there for no reason, it's a mystery.)
    This information was brought to me by youtuber MEHRZAD TELEPATH.
    This exercise should be done for at least a month to notice the benefits. It's best sone 3 to 4 hours after the last meal or a few hours more.
    The technique goes as follows:
    Inhale deeply by the nose into the abdomen. Hold the breath for 15 seconds, more than 15 is better but not necessary. Then exhale via the nose again, don't open the mouth during the whole process. Repeat this for 30 minutes in total. Don't skip a day during the monthly period.
    The sexual energy will change it's direction and flow upward to the brain, leading to sexual urges to stop after time. It won't be used for increasing libido anymore. This leads to the conclusion that this is only for those who want to practice celibacy.
    When you notice after a month or earlier that the urge has vanished, you can try and see how it turns out if you stop the method and eventually get back later again.
    If you do this technique regularly of this pranayama then even if you touch body of woman you feel as if you touch a tree,
    and if you look at naked pictures as if you look at an object like a table in your room. An established celibate will not feel any difference in touching the opposite sex, a piece of paper, a block of wood or a piece of stone.
    Seminal energy is god in motion. Sex will lose its meaning. This is life style choice.
    Nothing in life is about being perfect or having to be same as monk. Sure benefits of NOFAP are real.
    Like a lot of things it is about education, awareness and firm decision, we can create more we want and have positive impact.
    How NOFAP really works is a science that was already mastered thousands of years ago by ancient yogis. You just need to implement the methods already gifted to humanity to help us expand to higher states of consciousness. The ultimate benefit of NOFAP (brahmacharya ) is it can lead you to enlightenment itself.
    Nature requires a fixed quantum of energy for any major change, for example water has a tendency to flow downward. If it gets heated, it does not boil unless and until heat energy increases it's temperature to 100 degrees and then turns into vapor.
    Now see the contrast between water and vapor: water flows downward, whereas vapor flows upward; water is liquid and visible to the eyes, whereas vapor is gaseous and becomes invisible after merging into atmosphere. Exactly the same happens with pranic energy – when it manifests at the level of lust, the tendency of this energy is to move outward and downward, degrading our consciousness level to animal level – this state is comparable to the water state.
    It is said that after gathering pranic energy for (at least) 12 years without any break in celibacy is achieved, the pranic energy manifests at higher levels of creativity and spiritual bliss, moving more inward and upward – compare this state to the vapor state.
    And compare the 12 years practice of unbroken celibacy to gathering enough heath to make water temperature 100 degrees
    in order to convert it into the vapor state.
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    That sounds complicated. I use a technique called Box Breathing. Just easier for me.
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    Can you explain Box Breathing for me please?
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    Breathe in through your nose, slow count 1-2-3-4. Hold the breath in for four seconds. Exhale slow count 1-2-3-4.

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