Can dating be a weapon!

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by mutu, Nov 10, 2019.

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    Hi guys.

    If I go on dates aiming for finding the perfect match "long term relationship, possible marriage" will that stop us from PMO. I mean I already know and convinced that porn is worthless and waste of time but having no woman in my life could be the reason for PMO. Not because I get horny but because I get lonely no matter how many activities I do and no matter how many people I talk to (superficial relationships)

    So the question is will dating be a good think to do currently? or will it have increase my indulgence into PMO?

    BTW I almost never had a relationship with a woman, and of course the reason is well-known "porn"
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    I've had multiple partners (sometimes at the same time).... it had negligible affect on my PMO aside from the rare, lucky weeks where there was no time. Believing that having sex will cure PMO is incorrect.

    But, not-having enough sex is surely frustrating and adds yet one more "reason" or excuse to use PMO to fulfill sexual needs, it's an illusion.
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    Going on dates will not stop you from doing PMO i'm speaking from experience because thats what i'm trying to do right now. It is extremely outcome based. If you are having a lot of success getting dates and sex then yes i'm sure it will stop you from doing PMO. However if you are not getting many dates and nothing is leading to sex. Then eventually you will start to have thoughts of relapsing everyone has a breaking point.
  4. You can't truly break a habit by occupying yourself with work, dating, or fitness. At some point you must be able to sit still and not relapse. You DO need to place enough items on your schedule, and dating is one of these, so that you do not grow bored enough to relapse. However, dating seems rather dangerous due to the possible sexual component.

    Follow a schedule, no matter what, and keep to that each day. You don't have to be PERFECT, but if you grow accustomed to a number of positive activities AND leave some room for downtime, you're more likely to train your mind out of these things.

    tl;dr: Dating CAN be a distracting activity, but you're better off with an ENTIRELY healthy schedule to truly break a bad habit (any habit).

    Edit: While dating CAN be a healthy activity, for someone accustomed to dopamine rushes to satisfy a deep loneliness, it probably makes a bad choices. You need to retrain your mind to lower-level, less risky, less sinful satisfaction. Write/Read/Paint/Work out/etc. It's not that you should be a monk, but that if you switch one "hit" for another potential "hit" you may not find the recovery you need. If you're a crack addict, would I recommend lesser drugs? Probably not. If you just had a bad back, would I recommend pot? Probably.
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