Can I Even Stop?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by N8erZ, Mar 23, 2019.

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    Guys, I need help. I've done everything I can think to do - I have an accountability partner in real life, I'm praying over this issue daily, engaging in this forum and others, trying to help other guys get out of their addictive behaviors, spending time in activities I love, spending time with people, and doing everything else I can think to beat this. But I keep turning back to masturbating. Like, last night, I did it again, after a week without it - when I go to sleep, I intentionally try to shut down my conscious brain or else I'll keep having racing thoughts and never actually sleep. But once it is starting to shut down, any urges or temptations that come over me no longer have to bypass the blocks and logical barricades I've set up to make myself stop masturbating in my conscious mind - all reason is out the window, and whatever my body wants is what tends to happen.
    What can I do?
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    One of the things that makes the thought addicting is that you are trying to surpress it. One of the things that made me overcome my urges was to confront them head on and try to understand why these horrible fantasies aroused me so much. From my soul-searching, I discovered that I was drawn to violent fetishes, such as lesbian rape, because I wanted control over women. Before NoFap, I was incredibly anxious and bitter at women because I wasn't able to have sex with them. I didn't outright hate them, but the fact that I was unable to have them, thanks to my unhealthy habits, made my sexual fantasies become more twisted over time. It's going to be very brutal, but if you can sit down and truly analyze your desires then you may be one step closer to defeating them.

    If all your conscious efforts to fight this abominable thing has failed, including this advice, then it may be time to confess to a priest and tell him about your struggles. I believe that the war against masturbation is both a physical and spiritual battle; the priest, especially if he is Catholic, should be able to see what kind of malignant force is trying to control you.
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    In bed I find listening to guided meditation useful as it makes you focus on something but relaxes you at the same time. There are lots YouTube

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