Can you get rid of a fetish?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by AstroMan, Dec 25, 2018.

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    I've got this really stupid disgusting vore fetish and I wish I didn't have it. I've seen other stuff but I've wondered if I got it thanks to my brother watching some stupid vore YouTube videos when I was a little kid, which I think got me to look up those videos thinking they were funny or something. Is there any way at all that I can get rid of this fetish through therapy or something?
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    Man idk what i can say about my own addiction to a certain fetish is that it never really went away unless i stay on top of it through a buddhist technique called digust meditation and or imagination which deals with destroying any and all lust
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    I may be a little rusty on my information, but my understanding of fetishes is that when you are desensitized to normal "sexy" things, your mind needs more stimulating material. As you progress on your NoFap journey, some of the extremes may moderate. You may find yourself aroused by normal stuff again. But during a relapse, it's very likely you will quickly escalate to your previous fetish as the normal stuff loses interest quickly. Perhaps the longer you abstain from PMO the less your fetish will appeal to you. Good luck.
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    Thanks for creating this thread It's also a pungent doubt that I have. Anyways It's hard to know because many of us began to watch porn at a very young age when our sexual tastes were being shaped and It's not clear if we weren't introduced to certain genres, we wouldn't be drawn to them. Another thing that we don't know is whether the things that we discover through pornography have a lasting impact or not. We don't know if this stuff changes our brain forever because sometimes the content that we come to get in contact with is too shocking, which may or may not stick to our minds.

    Earlier I watched an interview with Dr.Norman Doidge where he said that the brain doesn't work necessary as an automaton It is actually susceptible to be changed by outside input in a deeper level than previously thought of. That gave me so much hope.
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