Can you get std from oral if virgin

Discussion in 'Partner Support' started by legendsneverdie, Jun 29, 2019.

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    You are right, I was a little hard on him. Sorry dude! You are asking questions, so I give you credit for that!
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    Haha thank you! I don’t think fadedfidelity had bad intentions, but thanks for stepping in. you nailed it!!

    Especially the last sentence. I want to know the info now so i am prepared for the future.

    I really want to be a virgin and i really want a virgin partner. if anything, this nofap journey has taught me the importance of sexual purity. I am not sure why guys get so upset by the thought of being virgins. They think they are some kind of losers. Being a virgin seems like a big advantage to me actually compared to a guy who has slept with tons of women.

    The man who has slept with tons of women has tainted and dirtied himself imo. Some may disagree but i know about soul ties and how important establishing a connection with the woman is before sex.

    I remember hearing a very important video regarding casual sex with many people, and it said be careful when you do that, because it’s like this: as a virgin you start with clear pure water but with each partner their essence comes into contact with your water and mixes a bit with it. I am really thankful for that video because it changed my perspective

    Sex has lots of repercussions and consequences if not done in proper context
  3. Stay pure and keep asking questions, everyone here is great support. Be proud of your accomplishments!
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    Oral sex is still sex, it's just not intercourse sex. If you want to remain "pure" for marriage, she shouldn't be touching your penis (or rubbing you through your clothes) and you shouldn't be touching her vagina (or rubbing her through her clothes). I think you need to get ahold of your hormones and rethink this "purity pledge." You aren't really saving yourself until marriage if you are doing everything else except penetration. At that point, you might as well be.
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    Thank you lol. You’re right, i think i have my hormones under check as this was a one time thing. I fingered her. i gave her oral for a short time maybe 3 min which i regret because at the time i didn’t know you could get std from oral. So now there’s a possibility i could just from that little thing, which sucks, but hopefully i don’t. but i didn’t let her touch me down there.

    I’m gonna stop because i want to remain pure. And i am sorry for that one time thing, and i guess justifying myself by saying i didn’t go all the way or i didn’t let her touch my pp isn’t enough. I learned from it and i still will classify myself as a virgin
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    Aren't STDs basically just diseases? They can be acquired through sex but also through all kind of ways and passed all kinds of ways. It would be better to be specific about which disease concerns you or you think you are at risk for.

    Also just get tested and have her get tested regularly and use barriers and condoms even for oral sex to be safe. Measure the risk, take precautions, get tested.
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