Celibacy Mindset vs Social Anxiety

Celebrating Celibacy!

  1. Hello all, it's been a while since this group had any activity, but I hope enough people are still around that we can have a conversation! I'm approaching this topic from the perspective of a male.

    One thing we often hear about the damage of PMO is that it negatively affects our ability to be confident and assured when dealing with other people, especially women. This is something I noticed for myself when I started getting serious about NoFap. After being clean for a week or two, it seems much easier to interact with women: holding conversations, expressing myself, understanding them, etc.

    However, at some point, this comes into conflict with my dedication to a life of celibacy. I don't want to be too bold and assertive around women, because I'm not actually looking to get with them or start any kind of relationship. Recently I've returned to acting much more timid and awkward around women. The excuse I tell myself is that I'm doing it to maintain celibacy: not to give the wrong impression to anyone or cause unnecessary temptations. However, this could also be simply a side effect of PMO, not something I'm doing intentionally. Has anyone else experienced this dilemma?

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