Christain Calvinist Here, want to talk?

A group of agnostic and atheist fapstronauts to get come together chat about recovery.

  1. Id love to talk to anyone about God or the lack thereof if you have the time?
  2. If you are still here I wouldn't mind talking
  3. Yes Great. Do you believe in God?
  4. hum. that's not logical. unless you have all knowledge in the universe how can you say God doesn't exist? isn't it logical to say I don't know if God exists?
  5. The thing that is not logical is devoting your whole life to something that you don't know if it exist.Can you prove the existence of god?What makes your god different then other gods?How do you know your religion is right and all the others are wrong?
  6. And I didn't say that god doesn't exist but no one can prove that one does exist.On the other hand evolution is proven.And evolution contradicts all religions so it contradicts the existence of god?
  7. I believe in God and evolution my friend
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  8. The genesis story in the bible is an origin story written for us but not to us.
  9. it is written in a way that the readers of that day would understand. It is a typical ancient near eastern cosmology. it does not replace science and it is not history. many Christians make this mistake. so if you believe in science I'm here to say I do too.
  10. But science is not something that you believe in?It is something that is.I agree about your statement on origin and genesis story.But wasn't the goal of this conversation to see if it is logical to say that god exists or doesn't exist?
  11. Is there anything from the modern era that indicates the existence of god
  12. Wow Look at Mirror! IT'S GOD!!!!
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