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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by SuperiorMan95, Apr 2, 2019.

  1. SuperiorMan95

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    Today is only day 3 of my No PMO transformation. Today has been OK but Im finding it hard to focus and I keep getting super perverted thoughts. Like shit that I would never do in a million years. It's like my mind is trying to think of the most taboo/novel shit possible. It really wants its fix, I see.

    However, I know that this is just the mind's way of trying anything to get it's drugs. It's like a crack head who is willing to go to any length to get his crack. I will not give in. I will starve this compulsion until it dies and gets replaced with a strong and healthy sexuality.

    But yeah, PMO withdrawal is fucking real.

    Just wanted to share it with you guys.
  2. daniel193

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    I'm at day 3 as well and found the same things. Have been experiencing lots of super sexual thoughts, far more than normal (and "normal" for me was already too much!). It's something I need to watch closely because the sexual thoughts then turn to P, then MO... The slippery slope.

    Don't have much advice other than to push those thoughts away when they appear. Just hope it helps you to know that you're not alone and there are other people out there just a perverted as you, haha.
  3. GeorgeJetson

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    I can definitely relate to everything you mentioned. Like you, I fantasize about some sick stuff while experiencing tough withdrawal.

    My addiction wants me to relapse. It's imperative that I remain vigilant and prepared to utilize the tools and methodology that keeps me sober. Staying active in this community, seeking help from others, and not entertaining the thoughts that enter my mind are just a few of the ways I stay sober. Though I fall short all the time, the longer I come around here the more healthy I become.

    Thanks for your honesty, my friend.
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  4. You got that right! For me it started to settle down about the third week.
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  5. SuperiorMan95

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    Thanks guys. But holy shit, it's like never ending. Of course, this is an illusion and what the mind wants you to think so it can get its meds. JEEEEZ. Can't wait for this shit to go away. And its SO easy to fall into it because it's so loud and compelling in the brain that you start to think that there's some kind of truth to it but there isn't any truth.

    A healthy sexuality in my experience is one that involves a loving relationship with a beautiful woman where you guys engage in emotionally and physically satisfying sex. Occasionally you can be a bit naughty but this must be done with balance too in order to NOT over do it.

    PMO addiciton overblows the importance of sex and makes it into such a big deal. It makes it into something so superficial and novelty based. Meanwhile true sex has nothing to do with being overly stimulated and perverted.
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  6. For what it's worth, I think people in the West are severely handicapped in their mental, intellectual, and spiritual development by their belief that all their thoughts are their own.

    They are not. This incorrect and dangerous belief can take people to terrible places. People can feel compelled to accept or even embrace truly evil ideas in the mistaken belief that this is who they really are, coming to the surface.

    Whether one believes that the origin of these thoughts is demonic or the result of illusion, the method for dealing with them is the same: ignore them. Let them be to you as rain on the roof. You're aware of them, but not engaged.

    There is no need at all to take ownership of or responsibility for thoughts which can only lead to harming yourself or others. They're not really yours. Just leave them alone.
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  7. Marik757

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    This is normal in the early stages of NoFap. NoFap alone isnt going to solve this problem. You need to work on improving your lifestyle to channel that energy somewhere else.
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  8. SuperiorMan95

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    Wow, the way you phrased that was truly incredible. For now on, I will no longer see my thoughts as my own. They do not originate from me. Gold.
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  9. SuperiorMan95

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    Definitely, and do NOT get me wrong. I am highly versed in self-help and everything. I have a strong vision/purpose for my life.
  10. Thanks, mate. Glad to help.
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  11. rivarol

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    For me, so far (day 5) is the complete opposite. In the last 5 days I never thought about anything sexual including porn. Absolut zero desire for sex, porn, fapping right from the beginning. My energy level is still low, nothing in my life changed so far expect that I don't watch porn and don't masturbate. I feel like i lost my penis.
  12. Morethan

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    Day 63 and I am having the same thoughts and urges. It comes and goes like waves, but it is getting better. I am able to overcome and not give in. In the beginning, I would cave.
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