Confession - Addiction to divination

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by JimmyParacas, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. JimmyParacas

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    I know it will seem silly to some of you, especially silly to the atheist ones, but

    I developed an addiction to tarot and astrology readings as a way to cope with the uncertainty in my life.

    I post this here because I find no other site to go to for this addiction, and because I can create a counter here, which is set for 90 days, and after that is achieved surely a 180 or 365 days one will come. So I have created a counter and hope to keep track of myself in the divination addiction as well as the PMO one, all in one site. I hope to have your support, since dealing with any addiction makes us better human beings.

    I thank this site for supporting me and supporting each other in becoming better versions of ourselves.

    A big hug to you all.
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  2. Warrior01

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    I know some people that are also addicted to this. I hope you can stop it cuz is a big waste of money. Only you can decide your future, it depends on your actions. But if someone told you something will happen, and you believe in it, unconsciously you will make that happen. It's a loop. Sadly I don't know of any community that helps people to quit from reading the tarot. Still, the principles should be the same as all the addictions. First, to acknowledge that you are doing something wrong or harming, then to stay away from your addiction source or your triggers, and then to take that energy to improve on yourself.

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