Consequences of my choices!

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  1. Hey gang! Thanks for your input on my last post! I enjoy your feedback and advice! This post is gonna be kinda long cause I have allot to share!

    I started this whole process in September! I confessed to my pastor at church. I see a Christian counselor at church once a week! Truly this is the easiest way ive had to quit! Tommorrow never comes when quitting! I've said so many times I'll quit tomorrow, next week, after this last video. I never stopped!

    Im addicted to online dating sites and porn and i can feel myself detoxing!
    I can feel my brain going back to normal, flushing out.
    Ive spoken to hundreds of women online and my real skills at taking to girls in person is awful. Ive seen so many nude its disgusting!

    There's this gorgeous girl in my Sunday school class. I often wonder if I should ask her out, but my past often discourages me. I wonder what she would think if she knew! This isnt superbad where emma stone feels sorry for Jonah hill! That doesn't happen in real life!

    I tell myself I need to be healed allot stronger than I am now! It will be allot easier and better for me then!
    These are the consequences of my actions for so many years! I'm learning from them, so I don't do it again.

    As men, we hate to admit weakness! Here's the truth, you can't and won't do it on your own! You have to tell someone and have accountability! I have an app called ever accountable, 6.99 a month and it monitors all activity on your device and emails your selected email addresses frequently! There's a free trial as well.

    My buddy has called me a couple of times and kinda said we needed to talk about some searches! It monitors everything! It often flags my explicit music! I listen to adelitas way allot and it keeps flagging it! My point is it flags anything that's adult like content! I really recommend it!
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