Could Tadafil pills heal PIED?

Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by Nadav_co, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. Nadav_co

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    Hey guys, i'm 22 suffering from PIED for a few months now.
    I'm having a wet dream every 20 days ish.
    Two weeks ago i had sex with a girl with the expectation that my PIED will heal but unfortunately i got anxious and only had an half erection and i wasn't even close to orgasm.
    I went to my Doc 2 days later and told him that i wasn't able to have a full erection. I was too embarrassed to tell him it's due to excessive porn usage.. so he gave me 20mg of Tadafil pills. He told me to take half a pill 30 minutes before sex.
    The problem is that i have pied, which means the problem is within my brain and it's psychological and not physical.
    Do you guys think Tadafil might work with PIED?
  2. The old Warrior

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    look to my post, for me it helps little, but it didn't solve the issue
  3. Nadav_co

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    Were you able to orgasm?
  4. moulox

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    Tadalafil pills didn't work for me also. They improved the erection hardness a bit but not enough. The way they work is by trapping blood inside your member thus maintaining an erection. The problem with PIED is that due to the desensitization and the rest neurological changes (or performance anxiety), your body doesn't supply enough blood flow to build that erection in the first place, at least that's what I understood from my experience.
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