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Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by mikesfbay, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. mikesfbay

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    While the DEC challenge is under way, just thought I'd start a thread to keep our minds occupied for the next 30 days or so.

    Do you think using a dating site to find a date is bad idea? Why?

    Here's my answer. I've just signed up on a website called plenty of fish, The site is free and there are a lot of cool and interesting women on the site. I created a neat and professional profile, uploaded a few photos of me on vacation with friends and family.

    I've already been messaging with a few ladies and find it quite interesting.

    In all, I think its a great idea to supplement my daily routines of talking with women anyways. I think that anything that can increase your chances of meeting a real woman is a good idea. I do not think that there is any equivalence between watching porn and viewing naked photos of women and from browsing profile pictures because the overall goal of dating website is not to beat your meat over the profile pictures but to get a date.

    I was married for over 6 years FYI and I'm now getting back in the dating game.
  2. Blue

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    I think using a dating website can be a healthy way to channel our sexual energy as long as you're not, as you say, beating your meat to the pics. The point of healing is so that we can engage in healthy sexual relationships, and if you're single, a dating site can facilitate that. Good luck with it!
  3. OneThirstyMF

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    No i dont think it is only thing is looks can be deceiving! I should try and look into online dating, so i can test myself and learn how to talk to women more. Not many Women here where i live.:(
  4. thom_flood

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    Met my wife on match not ashamed to say.
  5. TenderTalons

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    I've gotten a few dates out of PoF. I've let my profile stagnate for the past few months though. I don't think it would be right for me at this time but I could see it being encouraging for those who seek some fun. Don't let the notion of a dating site become so serious in your mind.
  6. Deleted

    Deleted Guest

    Have you tried just approaching women that you find attractive when you are out and about, I feel that's the best way to utilize nofap in a way that allows you to improve your skills with women and improve yourself as a person.

    The reason I think this is that, Gary wilson said in his TEDx talk 'the great porn experiment' that once you have stopped receiving pleasure from PMO, your brain will seek out 'natural rewards' among those natural rewards includes approaching women and flirting with them.

    Another reason is that its more upfront and personal, you can find out what the woman is like right there and then, you can find out her qualities and flaws in a way that can't be manipulated to be biased in her favour on an online profile, and vice versa.

    Further more, simply going out is going to help you a lot with this months NoFap challenge, and there are going to be lots of women out doing Christmas shopping in the mall, the timing is too good and the abundance is too prevalent to be spent on the computer looking for potential dates,while also potentially putting yourself at relapse risks.
  7. SaturnGreed

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    the thing about just approaching women when when out and about is that they may not be looking for a relationship. And when using a dating site like pof or the ones i use, you know they are there for one reason and that is to find someone. Like for example, I use the one at and I get more success than i ever did trying to do it the "normal" way.
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  8. 1dayasalion

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    Bad idea? Yes and no.

    I think the key words in your post are 'supplement my daily routines of talking with women anyways.'

    One of the big struggles with porn is that it circumvents the process of getting laid (or developing a relationship). This similar concept can happen with any form of internet-sexual or internet-social platform. Some people spend their time on Facebook and never actually hang out with friends, because their desire for socialization in fulfilled by interweb interaction. I was on POF for a while, but I found that I was starting conversations with women and not actually pursuing it to have a real date. For me, the idea of talking to the woman was enough to quench my thirst and it never evolved to anything beyond that. POF, for me, was like relationship masturbation. It was far from the real thing, but quenched my thirst and killed my desire to hunt for anything more.

    So, I think if you are using it in conjunction with talking to women or you actually get dates off it, then it is a great tool. But don't let it become relationship masturbation.

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