Day 32, approaching girls!

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    I am talking to girls I don't know every day. This is what I always wanted to do, but I couldn't. Now I still have fear, but my confidence is stronger than fear. I was on 2 PUA bootcamps. Now I was on a sarge with my PUA beginner friend and we did a selfie sarge, we were asking girls to have a selfie with us. I got a lot of photos and now my fb profile doesn't look sociopathic, because it is full of photos of me with beautiful girls. Also I went to a club with one advanced PUA and I tried to dance, I always thought this would be the most embarassing thing to do. But when I looked at the people, everyone was dancing differently and no one gave a fuck how do you dance. And I always had some move ideas, because I could copy what others were doing. I noticed that when someone was dancing weird, it wasn't understood negative but people just had even more fun, because of it. I also got a few contacts on girls. I have a lot of energy, which I am currently putting into working out, although I would rather put it into fucking. I hope I get to that point! If you want advice on nofap: Avoid triggers. And when you find yourself with your hand in your crotch, slap that hand with the other and it will train your subconscious mind into not doing it. Also find alternative hobbies. It shouldn't be about not fapping, it should be about being passionate about something else. If you be like "I don't want to think about number 7, number 7 is wrong, I need to not think about that number 7" - you will be thinking about nothing else than number 7. If you need to get number 7 out of your head you need to start thinking about another number. I went on dance lessons of bachata, kizomba and we were dancing very close to each other and it was sexy, it wasn't the best thing I can imagine doing with girl, but it was REAL! I once made it to 34 days, that was my maximum. I relapsed, because a girl rejected me and I felt like I am not all-powerful. Now I learned from that, that life is still hard, you will get rejected by (some) girls, life will put obstacles in your way, you won't become all-powerful, but you will get more power to deal with those situations. I got a facebook contact on a girl, today I asked her to go on a date with me, she rejected (tactfully). Now that energy I had ready for being with her got transformed, because right after that I went to the gym. I weren't in a gym for months. Now I feel good. Also I feel more manly, if someone attacked me I think I would attack back. The biggest effect of nofap was on day 10, I was full of energy, which I put into working out at home. I didn't have blue balls nor a wet dream. Sometimes I get a little unwanted boner, like when dancing very close. Now whatever happens, I want to make it to 90 days. Even if it will seem to not have an effect anymore, I will still stick to it. So far the effect is great.

    When I see something on the internet, that triggers me, I am like "It is beautiful, but it is not real." And when I see a beautiful girl somewhere I am like "Yes I could theoretically do a lot of things with her, but she is not mine, so there is no point in fantasizing, if anything, I should try talk to her, so I should rather think about some opener." and I don't stare at girls, what is the point of staring anyway? I care what can I achieve in reality, I don't care about pleasing myself with some fake imaginations or videos which my stupid subconscious mind considers to be real things happening in front of me. I don't have a restricted internet. My life is not about trying not to watch porn, but it is about trying to achieve real things. Not wasting time on fake things is just a part of it. I think that having little of something real is better than having a big pile of fake. I would rather live in a small house and realize I live in a small house, than live on the street and fantasize of living in a golden palace (or watch videos of people living in golden palaces). I would rather enjoy a girl smiling at me and thanking me when I compliment her, than watch a video of a girl ,who doesn't know I exist, doing all kinds of sexy stuff with someone else.
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    You are really a smart guy. Keep up whatever you are doing. I respect you, and thanks for the idea of slapping your hand everyone you feel like fapping. I am going to try it, but with sexual ideas and instead of slapping, I will use a rubberband. Thanks a million friend! You will achieve 90 days no doubt!!
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    I agree with Ajar!
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    RSD? I do cold approaches every week since 3 weeks ago and have made good strides - nofap is part of the solution but isnt the answer!

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