Day 5, inspired after a breakup

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    So I did not set out to do this initially, but here I am. In part a big change recently was that I broke up with my girlfriend and I figure I might as well do this for me. We broke up for big picture different directions reasons, fortunately not related to sex/porn/masturbation. Although there were times where I wasn't that interested in sex because I had already relieved myself recently, but that was not the core issue for us (of course it didn't help)

    A few years ago I noticed as I was getting out of another relationship and getting more depressed my porn habits were getting more obscure. And those fetishes seemed to taper somewhat when I got into a new relationship. But eventually they came back and remained a fixture of my sexual habits (although they were a secret kept from my gf). I could keep them from getting too out of control, but I definitely lacked complete mastery over myself. So I'm hoping this will help me achieve that.

    I've always been a person with impulse control problems (binge eating junk food, etc) and I've largely relied on making these temptations unavailable, but porn is always available now. And I don't think making something unavailable necessarily builds discipline (which I want).

    Anyway hope I make it! Thanks for the site, it will definitely be helpful
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    Welcome RandomDude,

    A lot of people wind up trading one addiction for another. It's not necessarily a matter of self-control, it's about whether you have created meaning in your life in relationships and occupation. If your life lacks connections to others, your brain will work overtime to fill the void with anything... And usually, it's addiction.

    Not saying you have to be a social butterfly with a beautiful soulmate feeding starving children in Africa tomorrow, but begin finding ways you can add meaning to your life and others' right now. Your journey will be much easier and richer if you do.
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    Thanks, yeah I've been doing a lot of reflecting recently, trying to find my passion and what not, this tends to be the way it goes at 29 I hear.

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