Day 81 of healing but motivation going down, not many benefits yet

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by rgm, Oct 6, 2021.

  1. rgm

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    This has been my easiest streak honestly, but I don't feel many benefits at all.
    Maybe its because I'm still on my phone way too often, chatting to girls often (did stop using tinder).
    I do have more sensitivity and ED is better.
    Is it because my addiction has been so long? What can I still expect in terms of benefits?
    I've been watching P and P replacements for about 12 years now, last few years I had a few hour long binges a few times a week.
    Currently all I want to do is get laid often (and I do kinda).
    Could this be because I'm not doing hard mode, making the progress slower?
    I think if I quit getting laid I'll just end up falling back into my old destructive P habits.
    I find it hard to settle because of my ADHD so I lose interest or tend to see their imperfections. Or the few times a girl really checks all my boxes I cant keep her.
    So I tend to date multiple girls.
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  2. hollyman

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    aim for healing ur self not to count days

    if u want to see some benefit work your ass of go to the gym, read some books, do digital detox progress

    do you want benefit come from the sky without doing nothing arent u ?
  3. sam30

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    My friend keeps on sending me pornographic video.. so annoying but I end up deleting it
  4. rgm

    rgm Fapstronaut

    I do workout 3-4 times a day and I do work on myself. I just expected more but then again my mind might just be trying to trick me that I'm not experiencing benefits
  5. You got to rationalize it, you don't need sex to survive. I know it feels like a necessity but also practicing NoFap for a week or two or a month is healthy for your mind and body. And after the month has gone by, you will have better sex and a better mind. I say it's a worthwhile sacrifice
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