Day 86 !!! NO PMO :D - I did this COLD TURKEY!

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Mystery Agent, Jun 15, 2016.

  1. Mystery Agent

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    Hey guys!!

    Can you believe it? I am 28, I have posted on here before and my whole life I have suffered from never being able to cum from sex or a blowjob or anything. I could only do it if I was with a massive slut or a sex worker etc. the psychological elements of porn must have helped or something.

    I have been masturbating and watching porn every night for the past 10 years. Realizing that women have been walking away from me because of not being able to cum, I decided to make a change once and for all.

    Well, here I am, day 86 with no PMO !!!!!! In fact, I have had sex several times and CAME!!!! I am on an anti-depressant which actually results in delayed ejaculation, but now that I have stopped masturbating the sensitivity to my penis is returning. I have ONLY masturbated ONCE in the past 86 days - the other occassions have been from sex or blowjob from girls.

    Guys - my biggest problem was death grip syndrome. I wasn't cumming because of DGS and a combination of porn related problems.

    I read a book on the damage porn does to you and realized, that I don't want to be single my entire life and want to stop watching it.

    Look at me...86 days COLD TURKEY!!!!! AND I AM CUMING (well one of the occasions I didn't but a few of them I have - which is HUGE progress) ONLY GOING UP FROM HERE!!!

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    Same for my bf. It works! Stress and anxiety is gone now that we don't dread the fact he can't O.
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    Amazing statement. Keep doing the good work und infoming us about your progress. 86 is a great achievement.

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