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    I have been masturbating for quite some time. but every time i do i use a death grip that no woman i have been with is capable of replicating. i cant come when im with a woman unless i masturbate all over her. i cant even get hard when we are together unless i masturbate first. what can i do? it seems like i can only come from masturbating
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    You should reboot, if you already haven't, meaning properly 90 days no touching especially!! Because my death grip went it really did but it came back after just five times of m,o.. Sorry if I'm pointing out the obvious I just am on the samewave right now.
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    thanks! i am currently in the process at day 3. did you also have trouble with woman in that they would be unable to get you hard no matter what they tried lol
  4. What you need to do - and this is the only way you're gonna solve your problem - is abstain from porn and masturbation. Period. No fleshlight, no hand, no mouth, no bj for at least 60-90 days.

    Death grip could be an issue but not top of that you may also have fucked up your pelvic floor muscles (can happens if you are a professional edger). That issue is also solved by abstinence. Once you resume sex, you should absolutely try to relax and not use your pelvic floor muscles.

    If you want to boost the healing of your dead dick and the nerves thereof, I would suggest you apply (in the order of efficiency) either (1) 100% pure unrefined shea butter or (2) 100% pure unrefined cocoa butter (melts at a higher temperature) or (3) Vitamin E oil. Apply once or twice a day but be careful not to start masturbating while you apply it... I relapsed after a 52 day streak and my relapse started because I got an erection while applying shea butter... I would advise against using those butters and oils before like day 90 or day 120 because it's really tempting to start jerking off while applying them on the skin of the penis.

    In addition to that, you could try to take Acetyl-L-Carnitine and L-Arginine once a day. These are great supplements if you have PIED due to death grip. It helps repair tissue damage and damaged nerves, lowers blood pressure, enhaunces bloodflow and also enhaunces memory and mental capacities.

    You could also try Vitamin B complex but I know for me it doesn't work because it generates a ton of acne on my face.

    I am not a doctor and obviously this is no medical advice. I'm just speaking from experience and hope it helps. You should not use those supplements if you are not 18.

    Bottom line: abstain as long as you can (like, literally) and then get used to Oing from just having vaginal sex.
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    Can your penis heal just as well without any type of shea butter or oils?
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    From my experience, yes, but slower. Please apply Shea butter. Thank me later.
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    Any way to find out if I've got some sensitivity back without a partner? Haven't touched myself down there except for washing etc.
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