Did i overreact?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by kingpietro, Mar 3, 2018.

  1. kingpietro

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    So yesterday i texted a friend of mine that i was going to his football match to support him.

    Today(the day of the match) i was at the place and noticed there was nobody there i asked at a person where are all the soccer player's? He answered the match has been cancelled.

    I called my friend and told him the situation and asked him when did he knew when the match was cancelled he said at 2 PM (in the afternoon) and the match was at 2:30 PM.

    I told him why didn't he texted me or called me to say the match was cancelled and i said i found it pretty annoying because i was there for nothing. I did git a little bit angry but I didn’t yell or said bad things I just said my opinion and then hang up.

    My question is did I overreact? Should I’ve been calmer and accepted that he didn’t text me because he forgot it.
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  2. Your "friend" sounds like an ass. Raise your standards and find people who actually show you respect. Clearly he has no regard for you or your time.
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  3. kingpietro

    kingpietro Fapstronaut

    He did a lot of good things for me like beeing there when i needed him a lot of positive things but i thinx i did the right thing to show my boundries.
  4. The Wrestler

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    Maybe. The better questions are how long are you going to kick yourself over it and what can you do to be a good friend to this guy?
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  5. Peace467

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    I think it’s fair to show your annoyed, particularly if he is a good friend!

    But don’t let it have power over you now, you choose how to treat him. Don’t let the past have a hold on you. But I think that’s the question, what do you want going forward?
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  6. yaaarp

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    What he did deserves your annoyance. Everyone makes mistakes though, if he's that good a friend then move on.
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  7. No. Its not like you got crazy and disrespectful. The response was appropriate.
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  8. j_pwc_bat

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    We don't know how he responded/reacted to your annoyance?

    If he was apologetic, has a busy life and forgot, had an emergency -- or if he
    has an easy going laidback, casual personality --
    you would want to factor those into the
    equation of if he is friend material or not.

    How did he react/respond?
  9. Poseidon

    Poseidon Fapstronaut

    Who cares? ... this is such a minor non issue. You got mildly inconvenienced and then called your friend to bitch him out when he didn’t even ask you to be there in first place. I’d say you’re even.
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  10. Shapirous

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    He don't care about you, you don't deserve that.
  11. sonicBoi

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    that was a perfectly normal reaction. Not all conflict is bad. If he is your friend, he will remember this incident and make sure he doesn't make a similar mistake next time. If he does this constantly I would suggest you move on.
  12. karimmassarani

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    No you didn't overreact but you should definitely remain friends with him because it seems that you guys have a very good relationship with each other. Don't let something as silly as this ruin your relationship with your friend. Also, everyone forgets and I forget quite a lot of time so I think that your friend was being genuine
  13. Based on the story, he just probably forgot about you saying you were coming. He wasnt going to a game to watch it with you, he was playing in the game.

    Probably shouldnt have reacted that way, but it's done. move on, i would say.

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