Does noFap help with Premature ejaculation (PE)?

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    Nice touch of humor there. It's nice to take things a bit more lightly ;)

    Back on topic: The evolution argument is on point, however as Uruvug said we are not stone-age people any more. It's important to pinpoint what exactly does PE mean. The most common definition seems to be "ejaculation of semen during sexual intercourse before or immediately after penetration" or "ejaculation which always or nearly always occurs prior to or within about one minute". The average time for sexual intercourse I've come across is 5-10 minutes and sounds biologically connected indeed. So when referring to PE, we are talking about embarrassing lack of ejaculatory control. I mean it's just a bodily function after all and we should be able to control it at least to some normal extent.

    I feel we should also differentiate between 'normal' lasting time and PMO induced lasting time. Of course without special exercise and focus on the matter, average intercourse (and probably masturbation) time is 5-10 minutes. But I bet everyone here on NoFap has done the open video - whack off for a minute - finish routine a lot more than once, which undoubtedly wires our body and brain to get excited really fast and of course also trigger ejaculation lighting-speed, too.

    So is not being a stud in bed an actual problem? Of course not. Many women have told me the men they've been with last for 5-10 minutes and it's the way they felt the whole thing and not the time. It's even documented women actually get bored if the actual intercourse lasts more than, say, 20 minutes.

    But is PE a real issue? Yes it is. Most men, with or without PMO issues will never last hours in bed. However, there is an average, 'normal' lasting time that is comfortable for both men and women and that really makes a difference, especially for a man's self-esteem and the satisfaction of the woman he is bedding. Anything below 5 minutes is depressing and with reason.

    Here are some useful links I've been reading on, in case anyone is interested. Pills are most certainly not the answer, but they are a temporary fix so no one can judge. Still, I believe other methods should be explored.

    This 'PE Gym' forum is actually about penis enlargement, another 'hot' issue for men, but there is a specific subforum dedicated to premature ejaculation with some very useful info IMO. Read up :p
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    Those are great resources. Thank you very much for sharing.
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    Lmao this is the greatest thing I've read on this website so far
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    Since I personally was addicted to porn for a decade, I don't think it will better for me within weeks or even months. I last only 2-3 minutes...
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    My experience:

    I've struggled with PE since my first intercourse (with 16, I'm 27 now). It seems to be that there is no physical reason for PE in my case, it is rather related to how confident/relaxed I feel during intercourse. Although I'm regularly struggling with what I consider a too quick intercourse (something between 1 and 4 minutes), I've found that occasianally I could last 40 minutes and even longer if I wanted to (we agreed to bring things to an end, as it became sort of physically tiring after a while ;-) ). Baffled about my own extraordinary performance (if I may say so), I found that what these occasions had in common was that I was extremely relaxed and entirely free of any performance anxiety. Frankly I didn't even think about the issue at all. Usually these occasions were related to such things as a tiring but really nice and long hiking trip or after a few days of a really enjoyable vacation. Other times where I wasn't so relaxed I also tried Kegel exercises and edging practices, but usually these didn't do the trick and personally I don't think that theres much to be gained from that unless the underlying problem really is physical.

    Last year I also managed to go 102 days porn free (apparantly I managed to relapse during a very stressful period in my life), a time in which I noticed that my performance anxiety decreased significantly. Guess what? Such as-long-as-you-want occasions happend far more frequently. So yes, refraining from porn CAN help with PE issues (although they doesn't miracously vanish if you still have performance anxieties). In my experience it does so by dismantling unrealistic performance expectations. What's unrealistic is not a long intercourse duration but 40 minutes of hard maximum friction banging. If I was able to last as long as I want I wasn't only very unwound but sex was very dynamic, that is there were lots of sensual and rather slow minutes, lots of kissing, some changes of position and rather intermittently wilder and faster sex (but not porno-banging like!) which was always followed by a switch to a slower pace if orgasm became too imminent.

    To sum up, what really helps (in my experience):
    • feeling relaxed, anxiety free and sexually comfortable
    • obsessing about performance impairs performance -> don't!
    • Refraining from porn helps to dismantle unrealistic expectations
    • Talk to your partner! Tell him/her if you feel pressured/inconfident. Also make sex personal and sensual by saying nice thing to each other! Even make it funny if you like! Nothing helps to fight anxiety better than a little giggling and chuckling between the sheets. ;-)
    • Kegel/edging practices etc: They may help if they make you feel more confident and help to decrease performance anxieties. They might, however, also keep you obssessing about your performance. If thats the case -> cf. advice nr. 2
    • Don't feel bad if you ejaculate to soon. If you take care for your partner, e.g. by a great foreplay with lots of oral sex, it's still enjoyable for her/him. Hence, you shouldn't feel ashamed afterwarts but still enjoy the orgasm. Seen this way it would have been nice if sex lasted a bit longer, but even though it didn't it still was a pleasurable experience.

    I hope that helps a little!

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    i have a same problem but with ED and performance anxiety too. we are on the same boat..
    ive been starting nofap 44 days ago. relapse three time on days 26 and 33 and today (with girlfriend, no intercourse, do handjob,dry humping etc), been PMO from 13 years old (now im 22 years old)

    due to many fail on having sex with my ex and now with my girlfriend. My Performance anxiety become worse and worse

    and now ive started to get benefit from no PMO, morning wood starting to get back(sometime come sometime no at all ), have a rock boner scale 4 ( from 1 to 5 scale), more control emotion, mood and more happier

    today i have sex with my gf, my boner was fine, solid and can go for penetration. Shortly when I put the condom on and start to go penetration my dick lose his erection again(maybe my anxiety hit it again) but it can get up again after I take sometime a bit and go for penetration, and then when i go penetration, i cum quickly afterwards. ( i feel bad and worry what would my gf thinking about myself)

    maybe you guys can give me some tips for it and Performance anxiety too. this make me worry and sad..
    fyi. i started doing kegels and going to gym at the same time im doing nofap but if i dont feel i want do it i dont do it, and meditation a week ago
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    Try an over the over counter numbing spray or cock ring. It should keep you hard longer
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    Thanks for the links and your insights, @slitebg ! Well read it up.

    Imo, 5 minutes of intercourse does indeed sound normal - but in my world, that's nothing I can claim to be my average... More than 1-2 minutes - so I need to work on that.

    Very nice profile pic btw!
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    Thank you mate, yours is cool too.. Blessings! For now I will personally stick to avoiding PMO. All my efforts on the PE front have only made the situation worse with PMO and more importantly, I have no girlfriend to 'practice' and also to motivate me to last longer. When you don't actually have intercourse, all of this doesn't really matter for the time being. Good luck on your path!
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    Premature Ejaculation Pills - I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.
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    Can u please write in details?

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