ED in College - shit aint right

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    My names Dylan and I just found this site a couple days ago. Lately I've found my sex life hasn't been what it should, and have even dealt with some ED leaving me embarrassed and lacking confidence. I've always watched porn but after a breakup in October I really got down on myself and started M too frequently. I use Tori in my name because my experience with porn has kind of followed her path, from nothing too hardcore to the rocco scene. I attest my ED to the hardcore content I've been watching, and conditioning myself to be turned on by. It's completely unrealistic in the real world and I find myself under stimulated in recent real life situations. I started reading into this issue, found the reddit site, then found this site. I'm hoping that having this forum to connect with other guys going through the same thing will help in my healing process. I want to regain control over my sex life and this is the best route possible. Porn is too easy, I need to change my habits before it's too late.

    See you guys around,

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    Hello and welcome to Nofap Dylan :)

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