Efficient habit changer method.

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    Ever since I first started my dopamine system rewire it was quite obvious I would face my lizard self in the battlefields of comfort. Logic said I needed science based meaning to overwhelm my lust and for that concept to work, also needed people which could held me accountable for my fuck ups and triumphs.

    As I wasn't that confident in telling my family and IRL friends I was addicted to the most messed up of P genres, a certain NoFap War came in and united the most creepy of PMOers to seek a higher purpose and with the following goal:
    • Sustain each other through hardship (we knew each other weaknesses and stigmas)
    • Report every 3 days how impactful habit change like joining the Temple of Iron or taking eventual strolls into the Icelandic Domain. (Gym / Cold showers)

    Alongside abstaining, that routine would build a foundation to effective adulthood, pure basic universal discipline.
    When we only try to improve by not doing something, it gets counter productive pretty quickly due to mind tendency of 'not bringing up a pink elephant'. Your subconscious will always throw tricks since THE one forbidden fruit is the most desired of them all. It's instinctive.

    DM me for more info on the War Event. The entries will be accept on the upcoming 4 days.


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