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    I don't know why this is happening but without even touching the penis, I'm ejaculating at night. I suddenly wake up with some sticky substance that I think is semen. This is the second time this has happened after it did about two weeks ago. I don't have anything to do with pmo anymore and for a long time I have been having relapses(pmo) about once or twice every two weeks. This is very concerning and at this point I'm not quite sure what exactly is ejaculating. I don't feel pleasure when this happens but then again, I don't know how this works.
    Also, my urine is frequent even though my water intake is fairly normal. I showed a general doctor and he mentioned I could have urine infection but its very unlikely at my age(I'm 17) and recommended me some tests I haven't taken yet. I didn't mention the ejaculating at night thing because I may have had to talk about masturbation and the relapses, and I'm not sure if it was appropriate.
    I'm very, very concerned about this problem now. I don't know if its necessary to mention to my parents that it may be ejaculation and related to the time I used to masturbate-which they don't know yet. This is getting difficult and I have no idea how to deal with. Is there a specific doctor I should show? A way I should be able to stop it? Or go with the tests the general physician recommended and wait for the results?
    Also, I'm taking finasteride(1mg) and minoxidil 5%(once a day). I don't think it may be related but a side effect of finasteride clearly states "impotence and decreased libido".
    Please help me with this, I haven't talked about this is anyone because of the nature of the issue, and I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right place either, but I'm hoping to solve this.

    Update 3/4/19
    The test recommended by the physician was done a few days ago and I got to know that I have a kidney stone, which I feel is likely genetic. From what I understood, frequent urination was because the kidney stone blocks the passageway and I'm unable to clear my bladder at once, and so I'm having to go multiple times in what should normally be happening at once.
    I relapsed 3-4 days simultaneously, because I had been having a quite miserable time lately and that gave me an excuse for "Hey, why the fuck not?" I have noticed that the nocturnal emissions have stopped after those, that proves the reason it was happening- meaning the buildup of the emission does not happen if masturbation is continued.
    The purpose of this thread has been achieved and I have understood the issue. Thank you.
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    Welcome to being a guy. Sounds like what you're experiencing are nocturnal emissions, also known as wet dreams. During Nofap, many young guys experience a rise in the frequency of wet dreams. On one hand - it's a good thing, as it means your body is learning to adjust to you not releasing from PMO and/or MO, but on the other hand it may mean that you aren't controlling your thoughts enough, so time to crack down on those random fantasies.

    As for frequent urination, that may be caused by stress. Are you stressed?

    Recently I've heard that a full bladder at night can also cause wet dreams, so if you're stressed - as such, your bladder fills up quickly - leading to wet dreams.
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    I had I severe urination need. Once I went to a billiard bar and I was going to the toilet every 10 minutes. Once was drinking a lot of alcohol and went 15 times for an hour and I was like 15 more during day. I went to doctor too. In my case it was stress and anxiety, as I think it is with you. I had couple of surgeries and a lot of stress in my life. Now I am cautiously trying to relax and is way better. Yesterday I didn't pee for 5 hours. ( most of them I was walking though- 10 km)
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    That is called nocturnal emission. Also more commonly known as wet dreams. That's normal and basic thing for guys to have if they do not masturbate. Kinda like periods for girls. It's just body emptying the extra waste. Since you no longer do it yourself body does it for you.

    It's kind of weird that at 17 you do not know what wet dream is. I was thought this at health education class at secondary school, at age of 13 or something. Hmm.
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    I thought it may be related to wet dreams but I wasn't quite sure. My thoughts during daytime are quite controlled and after waking up I don't remember what dream I had so I couldn't tell. But I'm glad to know its normal.
    About the excessive urination, I am stressed but its not excessive. I did not always have this urine problem and I don't think anxiety has changed much from the past, in fact I feel its quite controlled as compared to the past. Even so, I have genetic anxiety and it seems bothersome that this issue would persist because of that. This also becomes quite troubling when I'm travelling. Also, I see a great rise in urination after having alcohol.
    I think I have understood from the comments received that these are fairly normal occurrences and I'm grateful for the responses. Thank you.
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    Hi Zeres

    First - I'm not a physician so these observations are not based on anything other than my experiences...

    Sometimes during noFAP I find increased frequency of urination. I don't know exactly why, but suspect its because the prostate is changing. How is it changing - well - I don't know. It may be healing from "over-use" and just feeling different or it may be that prostatic fluid is now accumulating and building pressure when it the past the pressure didn't build simply because there was no opportunity for fluid to accumulate ! You may want to try cautious application of ice-packs to your perineum area for short times, maybe just three to five minutes, to help relieve any pain and soreness that may be there. Regarding urination frequency when consuming alcohol, yeah, frequency goes up, sometimes quite dramatically. Also be aware of caffeine containing drinks and some mineral waters, especially if they contain a lot of magnesium.

    Your night time ejaculations sound like wet dreams. They are physically and mentally normal especially in younger guys that don't otherwise release.

    All the best to you.

    one day at a time is how we all succeed.
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