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  1. gkumar

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    This is GKUMAR , my porn addiction is via my mobile .. i open a only a the same website.
    I go to my room. and use my mobile as a mode to watch porn. i have tried deleting the app that i use to watch porn.. but i tend to overlook it . and start downloading videos and masturbating.

    masturbation has caused the following problems.. im still a student . i cant think or remeber anything for a long time. i get irritated.it doesnt help me cultivate new ideas.i thought that it increased my penial length. (i need to increase my length !!!, ego issues ). i dont know how to come out of this obsession.

    help me out to come out of this electronic (mobile) obsession.

    kindly, do comment . awaiting your response.
  2. dontwasteadrop

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    You could install some parental software on your phone and give someone else the password. Maybe change the Wi-Fi password so u have to use expensive data? If worse comes to worse, maybe switch to a flip phone lol.

    Best of luck brother!

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