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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Zehvy, Dec 9, 2019.

  1. Zehvy

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    Hey guys,yes I know pornography isn't good but I have never actually being addicted to porn because I dont watch it.What bothers me are sexy pictures on social media.I just cant stop myself from clicking those pictures it is really hard and that is what actually makes me have a huge mostly in the night.I dont know how to handle because I use the social media for entertainment when am bored.
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  2. blunt.ever

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    If you just watching at erotic pictures, but you don't masturbating, this thing isn't so bad. It means that you are not addicted of pmo, but if you masturbate, stop as soon at possible. It will damage pshical you.
  3. dboy18

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    Same here
  4. StonePlacidity

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    why are you looking at those pictures? Because you feel good doing it. Your brain releases dopamine when you see potential mate partners, in this case it is the sexy girl in the picture.
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  5. FreakoWeirdo

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    This is exactly what I did last night dude. I totally can stop watching the "Video" but not the picture that popped up from social media.

    I already vacuum from IG and TW and now the bad idea is coming from YouTube, some video that vulgar or kinda erotic. I can't control myself to stop searching and digging that shit.
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  6. Metis07

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    It’s a first small step to PMO addiction, many of us here started with magazines (in childhood), then some soft c stuff and so on.
    I recommend you to get rid of such habit. You never get satisfied with P or p-subs (that’s what you are looking at), you want more and more, that’s the problem also. You can’t be satisfied with it, you can only hit the rock bottom :D
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