Eye Contact is Everything During COVID

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Rev2.0, Jul 14, 2020.

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    Many of you men are in places where facemasks are highly recommended if not required in public places. This certainly can put a crimp in your interactions with women but it doesn't have to. In the past two days I have had casual conversations with young women who returned STRONG indicators of interest despite us both wearing masks, just from the eye contact I was giving and the questions I was asking about her. In one case the girl was working the checkout at a home improvement store on a busy Sunday, and literally turned her back on a line of waiting customers so she could keep the convo going with me. (I ended it so she wouldn't get in trouble.)

    Men if you want to hone your game, now is the time. Especially if you have insecurities about your looks cause most of your face is covered anyway! In this environment of "distancing" women are extra hungry to connect with confident men who are on their purpose. Use these opportunities to work on eye contact and your verbal game even if close physical contact and touching are off the table at the moment. Something may come of it or not, but you will be better for the experience.
  2. We will get through this. I don't know where you live, but in Italy, especially in the South, Corona has gone away. We can stay with our masks off outdoors, we can touch each other. Now girls only want a strong man, after months of lockdown and abstinence. Let's conquer, my man!
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    I'm in the U.S. It's bad here and getting worse. I expect us to be under some form of restrictions until at least Christmas, maybe longer. You're blessed if you're already back to normal living and I hope you're taking full advantage!
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    It’s kind of funny seeing women cover their faces while wearing low cut tops.
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    Not only women are hungry to connect with men (at least in my case). It is a good advice what you're telling Rev 2.0, but I don't feel comfortable wearing a mask, it is like I can't show the whole thing I am, and I can't accurate read their expressions. Here in Mexico is mandatory to use maks, there are still rules of social distancing and they are relaxing little by little this quarantine, yet I think we won't return to normally until the ending of this year or the beginning of the next year.
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    well i had never had such problems but now i won't have eyes problems any way
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    Some advice for you: all of the eye contact in the world will do nothing for your romantic prospects if you are fundamentally a loser; and eye contact means nothing if it is not the authentic and spontaneous expression of your heart. As long as you keep believing that all that stands between you and romantic fulfilment is your body language, the words you say, and when, and in what order you employ these things in any given interaction - the longer you will continue to ignore the real problem standing between you and personal attractiveness - Namely, yourself: your outlook, your personal qualities, and the choices you are making in your life. One day, maybe years into your futile pursuit of the ever elusive alchemy of ‘perfect game’ (though being a compassionate soul, I sincerely hope that it comes much sooner), you’ll realise that personal attractiveness is not a skill but a personal quality. And until you realise this truth, I’m sorry to say that your efforts at subterfuge and dissimulation, no matter how elaborate and assiduous, will succeed only sporadically, and never for long. You’ll feel as frustrated as the women whom you’ve just duped, when they realise that your whole persona is a hoax carefully designed to get them into bed with you, when they realise that there is literally nothing of substance there to back it up (the reason why you resorted to this strange shortcut-approach to human relations in the first place).

    Why do you think it is that the most ardent ‘pickup’ devotees continue to spend years and years out on the streets approaching women? Why do you suppose it is that they never seem to just learn their ‘art’, get into a happy relationship with a woman that they love, and settle down? It’s because an act is impossible to keep up for very long, and is eventually seen for what it is. ‘Pickup’ is a lifestyle. The strategem works best on strangers; people who don’t know you. This is why many of the most experienced practitioners of ‘game’ recommend relocating to a large city, or even moving abroad. Here there is an overwhelming abundance of fresh women to scam. That’s not to say of course, that the vision of personal improvement and romantic success which ‘pickup’ claims to represent is not a beautiful notion in itself, because it is; sadly however, in viewing personal attractiveness as little more than a mechanical skill, comparable to say fly fishing or mathematics, ‘game’ ensures from the beginning that this picturesque and ultimately admirable intention will never be realised.

    You see gentlemen, the life of a ‘pickup’ devotee is not unlike the life of a cowboy builder, or a scam artist specialising in fraud: one needs a constant supply of new victims, because ultimately when people don’t receive what you promised them, when they realise that they’ve essentially been scammed by you - which they eventually will, no matter how naive they are to begin with - you will never scam them again after that.

    The inconvenient truth is that ‘game’ doesn’t exist. Its all in your imagination. What exists are people - different people, and if you want to be one of the attractive ones then the path lies in reassessing yourself, who you are, and what you are; what you love, how you think, what you do, and what your purpose is. And not, the precise content of your words, your body language, and the sequencing and timing of these things. Because after all, unless you are lying, your words and body language express what you think, what you feel; who you are - as they are supposed to. Genuinely change yourself for the better, and the words and body language will take care of themselves. Trying to approach it the other way around is like, to paraphrase an old Buddhist maxim: ‘trying to wrap the world in leather - an impossible task - when really you ought to have been looking for a pair of shoes that fit’.

    Just as the ancient belief that the sun revolves around the earth shows - to men looking ardently for an answer, and with no other points of view to benefit from at the time, a fairy tale can seem self-evidently true. Ultimately however, until we realise its inherent flaws, until we see it for the fallacy that it is, we shall never get anywhere.
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    Hmh... I like you. Keep doing it is what you do. Whatever that is. The message isn't for someone like me, but it's powerful nonetheless. Continue dispelling the seduction of PUA. You're starting to make me think that maybe NoFap is a lot deeper than ourselves.... Something like... We come to this place and, after our own personal journey- use what we've learned to help others.. Yeah? We're in a war, after all, from what my eyes can see. The weapons we pick up are not just to fight our own battle, but to defend against the attacks against the unlearned, the helpless and the hopeless.

    You're a good kid. Keep it up.
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