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  1. Is is okay to MO in order to get a sperm count?
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  3. Well for what reason do you need a sperm count ?
    Do you wanna get your wife pregnant but there are difficulties then yes go to a doctor and let him count.
    But otherwise no...I would not masturbate just for a number of fertile sperm.
    I guess you are doing it for a specific reason...right?
  4. To know how fertile I am, so that I adjust my expectations regarding having kids. I mean, what if I keep thinking about having kids and I can't? I would consider adoption, but that's a whole different mindset. I'm not married yet, but I definitely want many kids. I even read books about parenting.
  5. well then wait until you want kids try it and if it does not work go to the doctor.... there is no reason to look how fertile you are now because it is constantly changing.
    Try it out.. most likely it will work like in fortunatly most other marriges.
  6. I'll wait until Lent is over and talk to my Priest about it. Hopefully he'll allow me to get tested because, as I said, I need some reassurance.

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