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Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Kolbe, Apr 1, 2017.

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    I am at the lowest of the low in my reboot. I am 125 days in, and constantly depressed. I feel no connection with my girlfriend, which is destroying my relationship. When I'm in a somewhat good mood, I can connect with her, and feel like she could be the love of my life, but with this depression, I cannot emotionally be with her. I feel no desire to do anything, and feel like I want to die. I have no idea what to do anymore, as she's heard of this challenge and my depression from it over 50 times, not even exaggerating.
    I need help. I do not want to lose my girlfriend over NoFap, and this is tearing us apart.

    Background Info: We are both 18 and have been in a serious relationship for over a year, and are starting college together in August. Any other questions about my info, please ask. I just need help.
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    Respect for your 126 days. Keep it up man!
    Llife is made of ups and downs, and so are relationships. I am sure you will find your way back on track with your girlsfriend.
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    Break up with her lol
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    Depression is caused by many things, and I doubt not masturbating is one of them. I will admit I do not know the details of your situation, but I have had depression for over fourteen years and porn only helped make it worse, so something else may very well be going on here.
    Take 3 minutes to fill this out as a rough test: https://psychology-tools.com/major-depression-inventory/
    Depression is relatively common for guys ages 14-22 and adolescence is when depression typically first manifests in men, so the cause of your depression might be...depression. Depression is a sh*t show to go through alone (as I can well attest). But you don't have to, because, as you pointed out:
    And yes, you do. You have just made one of the hardest realisations a person can make, a realisation that takes a great deal of courage! Now, who in your area can help? What people or resources are available to you? Who is your primary healthcare provider? Can they refer you to someone? I can help you look up resources, and if you want to talk depression I am all ears, man! There are all kinds of contributing behaviours and conditions or little things that help that I know of...all kinds of stuff to talk about. But it starts with this, what do you want to do?

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