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    22 year old female addicted to P here. Can’t get to clímax mast* only with my hands without visual stimulation. This ended my mindfullness during mast* (which it’s what I seak) and lost my sensibility and capacity to feel my partner, my body and myself during s*x, and I think I never had a good experience during s*x at all. Raped twice. Grew up in a very strict family that caught me mast* sometimes, and punished the 13 year old me like i was the dirtiest, most disgusting whore at the time. I think it all led to this P addiction. P is a disease, I want to get rid of it. I think quarantine it’s a great time to detox, so I can meditate, read, do college homework and exercise. Just do other things to try and relax rather than appeal to P. Thank god this community exists. Thank you so much. I think now I’m a week with no P.
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    My Journal
    Welcome to NoFap. Despite what happened to you, you still want to fight. The power of hope. Proud of you sister. Stay strong.
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    Hello. Stay focus, make weekly time table and follow it, stay busy with your routine, meditation is very important it boost our NoFap energy. Focus on your future goals. Stay healthy
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