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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by athlean, Nov 1, 2019.

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    I decided, on the first of october, to change my life. On this date i moved into a new house (live with my parents) and i graduated in accounting 1 months ago. A great time to close a chapter in my life and start a new one.

    on the first of october i decided that the first step i needed to take in order to become succesful is start nofap. Porn has been haunting my life since i was 12 (coincidental i turned 25 years today). When i was like 16-17-18 i never wanted a GF or go outside much cuz i loved spending time alone. Now that i gradually get older i realise i can't live like this and need to socialize a lot more, thus nofap was the first step. I originally started the 90 days challenge which will end 31 december, but i will, ofcourse, continue this journey beyond this.

    Here are some of the benefits that i've noticed throughout this week:
    - I make a lot more eye-contact, not only with girls, but with people in general. I love talking to people alot more (especially in the gym, I notice girls notice me alot more, no joke!). though i will need to work alot more on this but i expect this to gradually get better as i get deeper into my nofap journey
    - I train a lot harder in the gym. I already have 13 years of experience with training and nutrition, but I just keep on pushing and focussing on my goal: competing in men's physique competitions (my mindset is 'do or die', i already had this mindset for years but it just got fiercer). I also notice that alot more people come up to me and ask me to help them out with working out (wether its teaching them like how to deadlift or just spotting in the bench), this is also because it's not a very large gym and i've been training there for 12 years, so everybody knows me and i know everybody.
    - more motivation and willpower to actually get my tasks done for the day i set, like spending some time learning a third language, watching alot more educational video (youtube and netflix) and reading books (mainly focused on how porn affects life in a bad way)

    I will gradually make drastic changes in my life towards a succesful life. This month is cutting off watching pointless entertaining videos on youtube and deleting tinder for 1 month (to refocus and have a fresh mindset on it next month).

    As i just graduated i will also look for a job at an accounting firm as an accountant.

    These are my 2 cents! I will do another one @ 60 days!
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    Well done Sir. Keep it up.
    Good luck on your accounting career.
    accounting student here :)
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    That's a Good Start. Keep Going.
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    Congratulations! Keep going!
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    congrats for the fresh start!
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    Good luck, buddy! I can highly relate to your background story, as I too had porn taking huge part of my life and make me neglect the my social life. I think the main thing (and possibly the only thing) that you get from staying away from PMO is the drive to do take your life to your own hands. Once you do that your life would obviously get to the next level (the so called superpowers).
    All the best!
  7. Amazing post OP! I started gymming too couple of months ago, with a trainer! Gained almost 10 kgs now in 2 months. Thanks to abstaining from pmo.
    I'm around your age so i can relate to a whole lot of things. I'm just trying to get my life back together through this journey. The rest will take care of itself i believe. Definitely experiencing benefits that you mentioned in your post.
    All i can say is keep at it brother. I'm with you on this journey.

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