French EXPAT: Philippines, Japan or China ?

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Your best bet (you may explain why)

  1. Philippines

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  2. Japan

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  3. China

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  1. Purity Power

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    As much as I appreciate southeastern France, I feel an unfathomable calling for Asia...

    I have to learn Mandarin and Japanese (with writing and reading) ASAP, some good app will do the job I guess. I have French and English under my belt also.

    And hopefully e-commerce profits but anyway. I mean I don't plan to work there but mainly to LIVE there like buying / renting a nice appartment or house, while managing my little business.

    So the Philippines have cockroaches, Japan is not exempt from moskitoes and China is under the CCP's weather.

    Yet people there are somehow very nice, the place is safe and casual, and some are beautiful lol.

    What do you suggest ?
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