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  1. XAI04

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    How do you make friends these days? Sad to say I haven't had any friends since high school/college. Is it just impossible to get friends when you're older?
  2. 19conquer

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    I wouldn't say it's impossible. But it is more difficult. You have to actually make time for them where as before in highschool you just saw eachother everyday in classes. I'd say make friends now and have fun with them before everyone your age gets settled down with family and career.
  3. Rahab

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    In my case it is a long process getting true friends. In my span of life there are only 3 friends left I can meet, chill with them, talk with them about everything etc.
    It depends on your surroundings you live and the mentality of the society. I've met many people where I thought they were friends and later it turns out that they are no true friends. The problem nowadays is many people want to live in their own circle and pick up the "friend" they want. Furthermore those circles have a friend they totally hate, but still keep him/her for unknown reasons - and they don't know why too - but isolate you still from the circle even you are a better person than him/her.
    Even if you get into a circle of friends sooner or later you'll notice how they act - it can take months or even years. And either they isolate you from them (because for example someone doesn't like you) or you distance yourself from those "friends" (because for example they bitch about you or their behaviours is not your cup of tea anymore).

    Getting friends nowadays is a difficult task, if you want really true friends.

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