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    Hello together,

    I am 28 years old and I probably struggle with porn since I am 14 years old. At the start I didn't know that I have a problem, because I was shy with girls and did not have many expiriences with them.
    The first time I realised that I have a problem, was probably at the age of 22. I met a beautiful girl and after some time we tried to get intimate, but I couldn't. I just felt dead inside. The relationship deteriorated from that point on. It took me another year to find out that porn was a big part of the problem. Since then I tried to overcome porn addicton on my one with no real sucess. I managed to go for 60 to 70 days with out, but in the end I relapsed. Time just flew by and I'm still not closer to my goals.

    It is a huge step for me to post in this community because I have build big walls around myself and I'm not really an online person. I hope to find something to hold myself more accountable and finally start my life for real.
  2. Welcome! Congrats on taking this big step. You could probably benefit from going to the accountability partner section of this forum and finding one or more people to support you. You'll feel better helping them too. It's also good to start working out and eating well, if you don't already. This pairs really well with NoFap. Good luck!
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