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Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Motiv3, Jun 13, 2019.

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    Hey there

    My gf used to text me all day all days 24/7, now she even cold distant on messages,
    I think she maybe angry but does not tell me, she says it's because she studying.

    I text her today to trynna hook up, but said me like 2-3 times no already so I'm not sure about asking her out.

    What should I do, gimme opinions please

    I made her laugh, she asking me questions bout my life (SOI) but I really feel it wierd, like, I think she don't wanna see me
  2. NikNakZombieWhack

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    How long have you been together? Also, is she your girlfriend, or have you just been dating/hooking up?

    I'd say bring it up, and do it in a way that expresses to her that you are not trying to distract or bother her, you're just concerned and miss her.

    Any ideas why she would be upset with you in the first place?
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    As the person above me says, how long have the relationship been going on, or are you just dating/hooking up still?

    I did the mistake to text a bit too much for some time to a girl. So I paniced, and was really wondering why. Then someone on this site told me to calm down - and keep a bit distant. So I stopped texting her. Guess what happend. She started texting me back. In my opinion I was just texting the normal amount as we used too, but some days - one or both partners may need some space and alone time.

    And you wrote that she did not / can't see you because she told you she needed to study. Well aint that the answer? People won't be avaible all the time. Some days she will text you a lot, other days she wont.

    I don't know if this is some of the same thing, but it may work.
  4. Look at you. Ask yourself who you are and why you are that person.
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    You made another thread about the same topic, you are becoming what shouldn't become.
  6. She could be upset that you smoke weed and play computer games.
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