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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Nfp_apprentice, Aug 29, 2020.

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    Alright first of all, I am new to this forum I have made various attempts to stop masturbating to porn, although I've never made it to the 90 day mark(I know I probably shouldn't keep count of the days), but I really want to quit this terrible habit for good, so I decided that maybe joining this forum would be a good move to get some kind of motivation from its members. So with that being said as of this point on I want to put my best efforts towards quitting this for good, if you guys have any helpful tips to get past the first weeks ease help a brother out. Thanks in advance
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  2. Well, if you have identified the problem, you are halfway there.
    Making it to week 1 or 90 is one goal. Making it to permanent no use is another.
    Let's start with making it to week 1. Using hardcore will power can take you to week 1 but will power dries up and is instead a temporary solution, not a permanent one.
    If instead, you use will power to make positive habits, then there is a fighting chance.
    Now, what could be good habits? You tell me. Staying productive and sleeping on time is mine. If I mess my schedule, I won't be able to work. Delay in that causes me negative stress.
    Keeping a journal is important. If you start logging, you can start to contemplate yourself. You need to identify how you got into this addiction.
    Lastly, quitting is a trial. Don't ever give up no matter how many times you fail.
  3. Nfp_apprentice

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    Thanks, so far I've been trying to stay busy, and Iam doing my best to keep it that way.
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    Great your here my friend... Chin up, I have faith in you sir... Rob
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    Welcome dear friend, I am also rejoining NoFap after some years. I believe we must not give up and get up again and again, every time we fall. All the best!
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