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    I am new to the site everyone just thought I would introduce myself here. My motivations are to be free of PMO and beat porn addiction, reading the book Your Brain On Porn by Gary Wilson opened my eyes on how terrible porn truly is and I really connected to all the symptoms and testimonials from people who had the same issue.

    Not only that but the time I have wasted watching pron and jerking to it( often 5 times a day and multiple hours) I was truly disgusted with that time being wasted that i could have accomplished so much.

    26 days ago I started my reboot and my best friend did a few days earlier, we have been each other accountability partners ever since. Having that person you trust in your life going through the exact same thing that you can share your struggles with is an amazing help.

    I have also just been removing all unhealthy habits from my life at the same time, I have set a goal to drop to 200 pounds this year from my starting weight of 290, I am currently 268 and feeling the best I have in a long time.

    I wanted to join a community to continue to connect with people who share in my struggles.

    Thanks for reading and I am excited about being a part of the community.
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    Welcome! I'm glad you're here. Congratulations on the weight loss, that's great!
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    Congrats and welcome. Keep going and by year end you'll be a completely different person.

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