Had sex with day yesterday, on day 69 of noFap journey....here are my thoughts

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by DaveKing, Mar 23, 2019.

  1. DaveKing

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    This was my second date with this girl because I decided to give her another date chance. She was nice to be with last week and thought a second date would be good. We had dinner, watched Netflix and then started making out and had sex.

    Having PIED and being my 69th day on noFap, I thought I would have more erection control and O sooner. I felt mostly the same before noFap, taking a long time to O and feeling less sensitivity on my penis.

    Afterwards, hugging afterwards didn't give me any big feelings for her, and I think it's just natural as I've only been with her twice now, even though sex was good. There's this other girl I'm seeing and dating which I'm much more attracted to, and I feel I'd rather be focusing more attention of her since I get more emotional pleasure from her and not this last night date. (this also makes me feel a bit bad).

    My conclusions is that noFap has helped me get control over my erotics thoughts and urges near women, but it hasn't necessarily cured me from taking a long time to O.

    I think now I will continue noFap, not watch P, but have to find a way to recover my penis sensitivity which probably comes from the desensitization from the so called death grip. Maybe buying a fleshlight and using it will allow my body and nerves to get used to the feeling of a vagina, I don't know.

    I don't feel amazing after having good sex and O, and I still have a journey to go through which doesn't seem to be entirely about not doing M, but more about the desensitization from overstimulation.
  2. bike-wrench

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    I don't recommend it. I don't think 69 days is too long to get back to normal; the standard reboot seems to be 90, and some take longer than that (I was lucky; my "normal" was back just before 90 days) . Don't try to force your recovery; it will take the time it takes. If an injured athlete keeps testing the injury, it takes longer to recover.

    Let it go for now. Do the next right thing.
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  3. boilerball123

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    A masturbation device isn't going to cure death grip. Stay off the P and M and the O will start to come back naturally over time.

    Patience is key.
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  4. SuperiorMan95

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    I had a flashlight for a while but if you are doing no PMO then I wouldn’t recommend playing with that because that’s basically edging.
  5. Capt. U

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    Give it time man. For me I have to go for two weeks to regain penis sensitivity. I have not experimented with sex during NoFap but I'm sure it will be good. No rush.

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