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    How do you deal with hair loss / baldness?does nofap help you? and what else do you use?
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    Hi Kurd,

    Since 1 year I have to cope with that thing. Although lots of people argue that baldness is something "natural" and thus that you can't do nothing about it, I believe that after a long time P / M increase our risks to going bald or even lead to hair loss. NoFap does help me indeed, since I'm rebooting hair loss stop due to the fact that I have lots of energy, hormones and so. When I relapse I immediatly lost some hair. In fact, by masturbating we threw away hormones that is responsible for maintaining the hair. Semence retention and transmutation are thus useful if we want to have better hair and to stop hair loss : Our body will absord the sperm and use it in order to get better physically speaking. So NoFap does help.
    Instead of that I advise you to maintain a good health. Exercise, eat well, sleep well, pratice a sport, meditate. Relax, don't stress (it increases the risk of going bald), love yourself, accept the hair loss and don't panic (In my opinion, it's very very hard...) One guy says that rebooting alone is not enough to recover from hair loss. However some guys say that it's very possible to recover and they even have hair regrowth, but it takes years. I recommend you to check some Traditional Chinese Medicine stuffs, they're good for things like that. Instead of that, buy a shampoo for people who have to cope with hair loss and you can use a spray.
    I've heard that Japanese have found a new efficient way to cope with hair loss, we just have to wait a few years.
    Good luck !
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  3. hair loss is part of being a guy and all men have some hair loss in their life. I recommend paying attention to your diet and get in good shape. Buzz cut your hair, use sun lotion and hats to protect your scalp from the elements when outside but take them off when inside (don't hide under them.) If you want to draw attention away from your scalp wear a decent pair of glasses and/or grow stubble/ a short beard. Oh and be happy and confident people are drawn to that more than anything else.

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